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Workforce Improvement Program Plan

project plan

Your workforce improvement program will really take off if you use this Microsoft Project plan based on a real-life project to automate the workflow and improve organizational structure, communication and work processes.

Workforce Performance Management Audit

by Joe Wynne

This form is designed to assist the project manager with managing workforce performance beyond the traditional training plan, as substandard performance can be caused by many factors other than inadequate training.

Workgroup Workflow Troubleshooter

by Joe Wynne

Performance issues cropping up in your workgroup? Stop them before they get out of control using this form.

Worksheet for Calculating Critical Path and Float


Use this handy worksheet to calculate the critical path and float for the tasks on your project. For critical tasks, you need to know what you are doing and when. For non-critical tasks, there's float, which is a fancy term that means the extra time between the earliest date on which a task must start and the latest date it's possible to start the task and still meet the project schedule. You need to know how to calculate both in order to make a realistic schedule. This worksheet will walk you through everything you need to know.

Your Project's Top Risks


If David Letterman were a project manager, he'd have a top top ten list of project risks. You can't be Letterman, but you can make your own top ten list of your project's specific risks by clicking here.


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