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Why Projects Succeed and Fail

PREMIUM presentation

Project management is not rocket science, nor is it voodoo, although some would have you believe it. There are some well documented reasons why projects fail or succeed. Check them out here.

Why You Need a Project Work Plan

PREMIUM presentation

Sure, putting together and organizing a project work plan takes time, but consider such time an investment in your project's future success.

Wickedness Factor Analysis Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Michael Wood

How wicked is your problem? This template provides a mechanism to score nine attributes in terms of their presence in the problem to be solved—and in terms of their solvable nature. Each row of the analysis contains one attribute. Each attribute is then rated in terms of its impact on the problem. Use in conjunction with this article.

Wireless Networking Equipment Purchasing Matrix

PREMIUM checklist

Going wireless? Make sure the equipment you purchase meets the needs of your organization and increase your chances of getting approval for that expense on the first try. This checklist will ensure that you aren't forgetting anything.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefan de Vries

This Excel template allows you to create and manage a work breakdown structure using a register for work packages.

Work from Home (WFH) Experience Calculator, a Useful Tool for Project Managers

PREMIUM presentation
by Terrence Ric-Hansen

This webinar will introduce you to a free tool aimed at evaluation and improving your (and your project team’s) Work from Home (WFH) experience. Like millions of others, I started working from home in 2020. Most of my clients also started working from home and I was asked a range of questions related to how to work from home effectively. Being involved in the interior fitout business I was keen to provide some answers and having conducted extensive research and discussions I have identified nine key elements to keep in mind when working from home. This is especially applicable to project managers as they need to work from home themselves and ensure their project team members are able to work from home optimally. The WFH calculator works as follows: read the information pertaining to each element and give yourself a score for each element. This is known as your baseline score. Identify elements where you gave yourself a low score and make some changes (as per the recommendations in the guide) aimed at improving your score on the particular element/s in question. Rescore yourself monthly as you make changes.

Work Stream Tracking Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stephane Parent

Large projects often require tracking by work streams. Work streams are the progressive completion of tasks by a specific group or project team. For example, the work streams for a manufacturing facility may include engineering, drafting, procurement, fabrication, quality control and shipping.

Workforce Activation Phase Schedule

PREMIUM project plan
by Joe Wynne

This schedule is for Workforce Activation, consistent with the JPACE process and a helpful tool for orientation and meeting preparation.

Workforce Planner

PREMIUM deliverable

This document will help you assess and address the workforce needs of your business unit or organization now and for years into the future.


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