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Checklist for Successful Software Projects

PREMIUM checklist

Software projects fail for a reason. They are successful for a reason, too. This checklist spells out what to do--and what to avoid. See where your project stands.

Checklist for Support After Project Closure

PREMIUM checklist

What is signed off upon as a successful project often fails miserably after a few months, a victim of inadequate post-implementation support. Use this checklist to help your projects avoid this ignominious fate.

Checklist for Terminating Employees


Terminating an employee is a sensitive issue made all the more difficult by the possibility of post-termination litigation. Before you terminate anyone, talk to your corporate counsel, and read through this checklist.

Checklist of Laws and Theories


Get started on the right foot in human resources procedures using this list of relevant laws and theories.

Checkpoint Planning Worksheet


There are various places in every project where it is time to stop, look around and take stock. This worksheet will help you plan for this.

CIO Assessment Template

by Michael Wood

Use this extensive assessment template to see how you're keeping up as a world-class CIO. This Excel spreadsheet evaluates CIO performance and attitude on 37 different levels for a complete overview.

Claims Management Registry

PREMIUM deliverable
by Manavasi Ramesh

Identifying and addressing issues related to claims during project execution is a serious challenge for all project stakeholders, particularly project managers. Covering various factors and inter-related procedures, this registry for claims management will help professionals in monitoring and archiving the claim settlement history of a project.


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