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Guide to Deployment Readiness Checklists

PREMIUM checklist

This document, upon approval and sign-off, assumes the following as it serves as a pre-approval stage deliverable confirming the deployment of the new project/product into production: (1) All project stakeholders and project support organizations have been consulted prior to project/product deployment; (2) Identified tasks during the Project Planning phase have been completed, or that these tasks are implemented to best possible ability of the project team (with documented approvals and exceptions).

Guide to Effective Consultant Selection and Contracting

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure all of your Ts are crossed and all of your Is are dotted. This checklist includes all you need to be aware of before making that final, crucial decision.

Guide to Interviewing Individuals

PREMIUM checklist

Going into an interview unprepared wastes time and money, and can ruin your repuatation as a manager. Whether you're addressing a workforce problem, gathering client requirements or getting information from stakeholders, this preparation checklist will help you get the most out of your next interview.

Guide to Managing Workplace Conflicts

PREMIUM deliverable

Conflict in the workplace is generally the result of serious disagreement over needs or goals, and can cause severe damage to productivity if not handled immediately. This extensive guide will help you identify, handle and manage conflict before it handles your project.

Guidelines for Implementing Activity Based Costing


Activity Based Costing emerged in the 1980s as a technical theory to provide managers more accurate cost and profitability information about processes, products, services and customers. Though it has many shortcomings, it reveals new insights about operations. Implementing ABC requires a structured methodology, though each organization has unique characteristics that call for unique solution.


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