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Introduction to SQL

PREMIUM presentation

Database management begins with SQL. If you're starting to use relational databases, you'll have to learn this standard language. Here's where to begin.

Introduction to PL/SQL

PREMIUM presentation

If you want to extend your SQL capabilities with Oracle's PL/SQL option, this is a good place to get a solid footing.

Introduction to Project Management

PREMIUM presentation

Based on an introductory course on the principles and concepts of project management, this collection of presentations cover the definition of a project, what makes a project successful and how projects can go wrong. It covers the following areas of a project: planning, initiating, controlling and ending.

Issue Documenting & Tracking Form


The following form provides a mechanism to document and track any issue during its life cycle. After an issue is created, a team should determine whether the issue has any bearing on the project and what should be the course action to address the issue. All issues must be periodically reviewed to determine if they still have any significance for the project.

Issue Log

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefan de Vries

This document can be used to keep track of any issues that arise during the project. It is advisable to keep track of such issues, especially if they can not be solved quickly, or if many issues arise in a short time. Also, it is recommendable not to remove any documented issues once they are solved.

Issue Management Overview

PREMIUM deliverable

The issue management process is fundamental to the successful delivery of the project. It ensures that each issue identified within the project environment is documented, prioritized and resolved within an appropriate timeframe. Use this document as a framework to identify, document, prioritize and resolve your project's issues.

Issue Management Register

by Rod Baxter

Issues are typically unexpected, and many times must be dealt with quickly to ensure the health of the project--for scope, schedule and budget. An issue management register should be used when issues present themselves during the project lifecycle.

Issue Tracking and Resolution Form

PREMIUM deliverable

Use this form to formally identify, track and resolve an issue related to a project. Complete directions are included.


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