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Methodology Implementation Project Charter

PREMIUM deliverable

This is a high-level example of a Project Charter for implementing a methodology, but the structure and approach will work for many projects. This example is heavy on risks and assumptions, light on budgeting, role descriptions and conflict resolution.

Methodology Mentoring Approach


Learn by doing, but be sure you have a winning coach. Mentoring is key to a successful project implementation. Use this guide to get the best out of a methodology guru to mentor your project team in action.

Midas and the Business Value of CRM


How do you determine the business value of CRM and perform a benefit scan as part of a value-based management approach? Learn by doing, of course! Use this case study example of Midas, Inc., a fictional enterprise that manufactures and markets investment goods, and play along at home as you work your way through the case study.

Mid-Project Update

PREMIUM presentation
by Joe Wynne

The purpose of this presentation template is to assist the project manager with maintaining or improving workforce performance somewhere midstream in the project.

Mini Project Charter

PREMIUM deliverable
by Nikole Bordato

This template is a simple, clean and modern version for small projects. This mini-charter template is only one page and includes sections for project goals, scope, deliverables, stakeholders, milestones, budget, constraints, assumptions, risks and dependencies. Brief instructional direction is provided.

Mission Statement Worksheet/Checklist


Newly Revised Template! A mission statement is the summary of the project's vision. Make yours a good one! Here's a checklist to help you formulate it.

Mobile Application Development Communications Management Plan

PREMIUM deliverable
by Michael Gay

This template was created with consideration to the billion-dollar fantasy sports media industry--and specifically the mobile application market. Every project manager in this industry will have different approaches to managing business communication, thus deeming it necessary for you to adjust this template in order to reflect needs specific to your organization.


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