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Monthly Meeting Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Manavasi Ramesh

In construction projects, monthly meetings among stakeholders are held to review important agenda points, physical progress, variance analysis and to address risk factors. To have a precise meeting with relevant points under discussion—and to record minutes in one or two pages in tabular format—this template is conceived based on professional experience in the construction sector. With modifications, the template can be useful in other areas of project management.

Monthly Status Report Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Danilo Uvalin

This report helps you provide a concise and precise update on the current status of a clinical study and the achieved progress during the reporting period. It is usually distributed to a sponsor of the project, as well as the management of the company where the PM works. The main benefit of this report is that it addresses the major project constraints and provides only the relevant information needed to successfully manage the project and communicate with a diverse international team, typical for a matrix-based pharmaceutical company.

Moonlighting Policy and Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

For whatever reason, some of your employees may want to work EVEN MORE than they already are. Crazy? Perhaps, but if these moonlighters are serious, you should make clear from the outset what your organization's policy on moonlighting is, and have an agreement in place so your project doesn't suffer.

Motivational Action Plan

PREMIUM deliverable
by Dave Garrett

If you're having trouble with your team, this might be a good time to check in on their motivation and take some positive action. Here's a plan to get everyone back on the right track.

Moves, Adds and Changes Worksheet


If Abbott and Costello had had this worksheet, they would have known who's on first and what's on second after an office move, reorganization, new hire, etc.

Multi-Project Risk Analysis

by Joe Wynne

Here's a complete set of tools to help you analyze the risk involved in one or more project justifications, based on organizational impact and implementation feasibility. It can help your program or project office, too.

Multi-Project Tracking Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stephane Parent

This template shows how you can track actual time and dollars against estimated time and dollars across projects, activities and persons. The pivot table allows you to roll up the data at the project, activity and person, in any order.

Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

If you are dealing with consultants and sensitive proprietary information, you need a mutual nondisclosure agreement to protect yourself and your business secrets. This document is not a substitute for legal advice, though, so be sure your corporate lawyer takes a good, hard look at any nondisclosure agreement you produce.

mySAP Upgrade

PREMIUM project plan

This upgrade plan to mySAP will help you stay on track in defining business goals and requirements, performing upgrade tasks, training users and so much more.


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