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Profit-Loss Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Khaled Istanbouli

This Excel sheet helps you track monetary trends for various project items and plots a graph summary based on your entries. Adapt the items and expenses to suit your project.

Program Financial Tracker

PREMIUM deliverable
by Jeremy Wiltz

This program financial tracker has a set of dashboards for a program to provide customers/client, and use to manage the financials of their program. The entry tabs allow the program to enter planning and actual material costs, funding sources, and labor costs (even with multiple CLINs) to a granular percentage of an employee's time. The dashboards are calculated from the data entered. The dashboards included: Balance Sheet (and graph); Material Costs; Monthly Expenses; and Funding Sources.

Program Management Office Charter

PREMIUM deliverable
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

This six-page PMO Charter template is perfect for a single-program PMO. Using the step-by-step instructions provided, it should take very little time to complete, offer a very clear vision for the PMO and define what will make it successful.

Project & Stakeholder Expectations Analysis Worksheets

PREMIUM deliverable
by Michael Wood

These worksheets help the PM identify, understand and quantify the expectations of each project stakeholder across an array of topics. It also lays out a structured approach for dealing with each expectation.

Project and Product Lifecycles

PREMIUM presentation

No, they aren’t the same. Here’s how to tell them apart and what you should know about each.

Project Archive Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

This checklist helps you with the ins and outs of archiving your project for posterity.

Project Assessment

PREMIUM project plan

Use this project assessment plan to assess the health of a project and identify any symptoms that may indicate it is heading toward trouble.

Project Brief

PREMIUM deliverable

The project brief outlines what is to happen in the initiation phase of a project. A project brief is particularly useful in making a decision to proceed or not with the proposed project.

Project Budget Spreadsheet

PREMIUM deliverable

This template will give you a solid structure for your project budget. It is organized by project phase and includes subtabs for major categories of project spend.

Project Budget Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable
by Mariano Morales-Arce Campos

Get help estimating your project budget with this Excel worksheet and accompanying instructions. The worksheet contains US, UK, Spanish and Catalan options.


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