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Quality Management Workbook

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefan de Vries

This document allows you to manage quality within your project. It contains sheets to capture a quality management statement, a responsibilities log, an attributes sheet, and a control registry.

Quality Plan and Policy

PREMIUM project plan

This quality plan and policy defines the specific business and technology quality targets to be achieved to fully satisfy all stakeholder and client requirements.

Quality Plan Template

PREMIUM deliverable

This Quality Plan Template includes sections and instructions for purpose, expectations, acceptance criteria, deliverables, standards, quality responsibilities, control and audit processes, document management procedures, and more.

Quality Programming Routines Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Developers need checklists too. Everyone knows that spaghetti code is a no-no, but are your developers programming routines that are also cohesive, efficient, descriptively named, maintainable and necessary? Couldn't hurt to check those programmed routines against a quality standard.

Quality Review Checklist for Project Definition


Before you launch into the nitty-gritty details of your project plan, such as scheduling and resourcing, you had better make sure the project is in alignment with business objectives. Does it fit in with the existing business and technical environments of the enterprise? Is it even feasible? Does the customer approve of the proposed solution? Have you defined the solution clearly so you can plan it efficiently? Check it against this list.

Quality Review Checklist for Software Package Procurement

PREMIUM checklist

Buying a software package? How do you know which package best suits your business environment and which vendor will serve you best? This checklist will help you evaluate the key questions and tend to the important details of procuring the right packaged application.

Quality Review Form


This form provides a quick and dirty assessment rating for product and development quality.


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