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Subcontract Administrator Checklist


Subcontract administrators, do you ever feel overwhelmed with so many items to monitor and so little time? Use this form to keep tabs on subcontract documentation.

Subcontract Conditioning Questionnaire


Make sure your bidders fully understand what's expected of them at the construction site. Make sure they fill out this detailed questionnaire so there are no surprises.

Subcontractor Administrator Checklist for Safety Regulations and Site Conditions


Whether your construction site is small or large, you need to keep an eye on safety regulations as well as site conditions, not just for your own people, but for all the subcontractors, too. But you can't always be everywhere all the time. Here's where this form comes in. Issue one to every subcontractor, and make sure it gets filled out properly.

Subcontractor Prequalifications


There are a lot of subcontractors out there, and some are much better than others. Use this lengthy and highly detailed form to prequalify subcontractors to find the right people for your job.

Supplier Questionnaire


Know who your suppliers are, what they do and how they do it. Have them fill out this detailed questionnaire.

Support Services & Impact Analysis Checklist


A project impacts lots of people, resources and processes behind the scenes. Use this checklist to make sure you'll have the support you need from key people in the background without whose support your project will not get off the ground.

Sustainably Smarter: How PM Knowledge Networks Improve Skills

by Chivonne Algeo, Katrina Pugh

A PMI-funded research study identified how project staff use their knowledge networks to build project capabilities, and how knowledge is transferred, translated and managed in these networks. We also explored the role of networks in providing mutual support for 'members' and as a coordination mechanism for the project. The outcomes of the study will help project staff, and their organizations, to understand practical network design strategies and behaviors to transfer and manage knowledge across and within different project environments.

System Analysis Progress Presentation


Does your client know how far along in the project you are? Take a cue from this presentation to let the client understand your progress as well as your and his next step.


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