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Sample Project Change Control Form


The one constant we can count on in life is change, and that goes for project management, too. Use this form to request and document changes to your project.

Sample Project Costing Schedule

by Randy Yee

Here's an excellent example of a project costing schedule for an IT project with an emphasis on personnel costs.

Sample Project Plan


You need more than a boss idea to make a project come to life. You need a project plan solidly rooted in a business case.

Sample Promissory Note


Businesses need to borrow money from or lend money to an individual or another business entity. It is a smart practice to document the loan with a written promise called a promissory note. The attached sample promissory is quite general in nature and provides a glimpse of such notes.

Sample RFP for Replacing an Information System


Is your company about to select and implement a new information system? This sample RFP, taken from real life, was originally designed to address the current and future financial, trading and distribution operations needs of a large international company dealing with foreign countries, languages and currencies. But even if you don't have a large, international business, you'll find lots of good ideas on how to write your own killer RFP.

Sample RM Package Vendor RFI


Are you about to select a commercial Relationship Management application? State exactly what you need. This thoroughly constructed sample RFI to solicit application package information from vendors will save you hours of work. Modify it to suit your requirements.

Sample Status Report


A project manager needs status reports from project team members on a regular basis to see what's going on. This sample report is easy to fill out, covers all the salient points without taking a lot of time and provides valuable insight into how the project is proceeding.

Sample Top Ten Risks List


From the home office in Fairfax, Virginia, here is a sample list of top ten software development risks. Of course, your risks will be different.

Sarbanes-Oxley Workforce Communications & Training Planner

by Joe Wynne

This template is designed to assist the project manager with planning for Sarbanes-Oxley communications and training. After a group of stakeholders meet to complete the template, results feed into training plans and communication plans.


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