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Simplified Electronic Value Stream Map

PREMIUM deliverable
by James Hammond

This deliverable makes facilitating a lean module much more effective. Once all the steps are entered, it reduces inefficiencies by providing instantaneous updates to successive entries. This tool can handle up to a 20-step process (with up to 14 sub-steps/tasks for each step).

Site Instruction Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Sameh Nasr

When working on a construction project, use this Site Instruction form to keep track of pertinent details and confirm approvals by the resident engineer, construction manager and lead engineer.

Site Survey

PREMIUM deliverable
by Luc K. Richard

The site survey process is a key activity in planning and deploying a product. This document allows the customer to provide a detailed description of the environment where it will be installed. Obtaining such information will assist a company engineer when providing support prior, during and after the product installation.

Skills Inventory Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Andy Jordan

A skills inventory is a record of the skills, capabilities and qualifications of team members. This Excel sheet helps you keep track of soft skills, certifications, internal courses and project experience. Add to and adapt the categories to best fit your needs.

Smart Training Performance Model

PREMIUM presentation

Based on Clay Carr's Smart Training concept, this PowerPoint presentation outlines the concept of performance and guides you through each step of the performance cycle.

So, What's Your Style?

PREMIUM presentation

Are you GQ? Grunge? Euro Trash? Whatever your rags are, you need to learn how to apply the People Styles framework to enhance your organization's communications skills--and as a result your KM abilities. Read on to gain some insight on what kind of manager--and human being--you are.

Software Acquisition Management

PREMIUM project plan

From developing an activities schedule to completing the contract paperwork, this plan will help keep you focused on your next software acquisition.

Software Attributes

PREMIUM deliverable

Software attributes are the inherent quality of any software. These software attributes are normally built-in to the software at different stages of its lifecycle. These attributes help to grade, monitor and quantify the software.

Software Development Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan
by Sunil Sharma

Here is everything you need for a software development project, from planning through close-out.


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