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Risk Register for Projects (Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Oksana Sakhno

このリスク・レジスターは、プロジェクトに関連するリスクを記録し、リスクの影響に関する情報を提供し、どのように対処しているかを示すために使用する必要があります。 各列には、どの情報をセルに入力するかに関する具体的な指示があります。

Requirements Register

PREMIUM deliverable
by Michael Ala

Stay on top of your requirements with this collection of registers. Included here are registers that allow you to log requirements, risks, assumptions, lessons learned, stakeholders and handoffs.

WBS for Business Intelligence Projects

PREMIUM deliverable
by Priyanka Jain

This template provides a work breakdown structure for business intelligence projects and for requirement effort estimation for a waterfall methodology-based project or user story estimation for an agile-based project.

Requirements Status Log

PREMIUM deliverable
by Elok Robert Tee

This Requirements Status Log template provides a quick way to record requirements using macro-enabled Excel worksheets, and to track progress or status of each captured requirement throughout a project (or project phase).

Portfolio Management Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefano Pittaluga

This Excel file offers a simple approach for the identification and selection of projects to be included in a company’s portfolio. It’s organized by steps, with an objective process leading to a final list of projects. The core of the process is a company-shared scorecard based on a limited list of strategies, each of them having its own score interpretation.

Project Progress Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Paulo Laurentino

This log in Excel allows you to enter start and finish dates for tasks to give you a snapshot of project progress, and also creates a Gantt Chart based on the data for a quick and simple visual representation.

Weekly Status Report (Multiple Projects)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Dinah Young

Use this Excel sheet to keep track of the status of multiple projects. You can log project state, assigned staff, next steps and more.

Modele de Charte de Projet (Guide PMBOK®—Sixième Édition)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Kamal Toure

A un niveau supérieur, la charte du projet permet aux parties prenantes de bien comprendre les principaux livrables, les jalons, ainsi que les rôles et les responsabilités de chaque personne participant au projet.

Activity Completion Report (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable

어떤 이유로 든 프로젝트가 끝났습니다. 후손을 위해 종이에 몇 가지 일을해야합니다. 이 보고서는 프로젝트 폐쇄의 이유, 프로젝트를 정상적으로 마무리하는 데 필요한 활동, 프로젝트의 개요, 교훈 및 향후 프로젝트를위한 권장 사항을 설명합니다.

Project Scope Statement Template (PMBOK® Guide Aligned) (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Markus Klein, PMP

Project Scope Statement는 프로젝트 주문 / 헌장에 정의 된 요구 사항을 미세 조정합니다. 프로젝트 주문서 / 헌장에 이미 열거 된 내용이 인계되어야한다. Project Scope Statement는 프로젝트 수립 단계의 마지막에 운영위원회의 승인 된 서명 회원 인 고객 및 프로젝트 관리자가 서명합니다.


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