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Structured Interviewing


A technique to collect in-depth information from individual respondents. The interviewer attempts to cover a specific list of topics, usually related to customer needs, satisfiers, goals, objectives, and the nature of the individual's work. In a structured interview, the duration of the interview and time allocated to each quest...



A technique used to rapidly and dynamically model new ideas and concepts, at relatively low cost, to select change alternatives that are shown to represent real improvement in a value stream. Simulation's greatest value lies in reducing risk in the implementation of change by validating or disproving assumptions concerning throughput, volumes, costs, time, human and physical resources, and facility capacity. Simulation enables the study of change and its effects upon the enterprise, prior to implementing that change.

Process Modeling (A.K.A. Activity Modeling)


Business activities can be, in addition to activity flow diagrams, represented using process modeling techniques. Decomposition diagramming and dependency analysis techniques can be used to produce a process model, the second component of the information architecture. See Decomposition Diagramming and Dependency Analysis.

Nominal Group Technique


A structured form of brainstorming, including the entire group involved in a workshop. NGT was developed based on research that indicated that people came up with more and better ideas working silently in a group than when they worked alone. Participants work by themselves and then share information through round-robin collection. The entire team decides how to organize and evaluate the results.

Measurement Bias Analysis


This technique can be used for analyzing the bias and inaccuracies of implemented measurement criteria. In addition, this technique will help identify the precision of the measurement criteria and normalize out any factors that could impact the accuracy of the measurement.

Goal Setting


A technique used to formulate specific targets for achieving an objective at a point in time. A goal is thus an operational transformation of one or more objectives. Goals can be set for enterprise-wide objectives, project objectives, activity-level, and/or quality-related objectives (see Objectives Setting).

Event Analysis


A technique used to identify customer-enterprise interactions and responses. The completion of this analysis, when used in conjunction with Customer Value Stream Interaction Analysis and Customer Satisfier Analysis, will result in the complete scoping of an enterprise's value streams and a draft value stream activity profile.

Displayed Thinking


A fast-paced, two-step technique, used to generate or collect ideas from group participants and, subsequently, to organize them. Participants write down their ideas, which are then collected and categorized. The results can then be structured in a meaningful way for the group. Displayed thinking involves everyone; it is fast and thorough.

Project Management Central

Okay--here's your chance to spill your guts--everything you ever wanted to know about project management but were afraid to ask.

Package Selection

Selecting the right package for your business needs is crucial to your success. You might not always want to take the test drive, so here you can talk to other PMs who have been around the Package Selection block--get their advice, ideas and expertise to help you pick the right package.


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