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Delivery Risk


Delivery Risk is the risk of the project being able to be completed successfully, and the budget, schedule and resource constraints which may prevent project success.

Delphi Technique


A technique used to make decisions on complex issues by leveraging individual expertise. This technique is sometimes referred to as the "Wide-band Delphi" technique. A technique commonly used to estimate the probability and outcome of future events.

Demand Management


Demand Management is the allocation of capital, infrastructure, human, and other available resources to initiatives that will create the most value for the organization. Demand Management attempts to find balance in the project management triangle of scope, schedule and budget. However, it is not to be confused with Cost Containment or Cost Cutting.

Dependency Analysis


A technique used to analyze the dependencies between activities. Dependency analysis enables us to describe interdependence between activities, based on information, materials or other resources in specific states, and to describe the influence of time events on the execution of activities. A dependency exists whenever the outcome of an activity or the occurrence of an event influences the execution of another activity. An examination of the dependencies helps structure the process model.

Design for X - Manage Quality Technique


Design for X (DfX) is a set of technical guidelines that may be applied during the design of a product for the optimization of a specific aspect of the design. The "X" in DfX can be different aspects of product development, such as reliability, deployment, assembly, manufacturing, cost, service, usability, safety and quality.

Design of Experiments


A statistical method for identifying which factors may influence specific variables of a product or process under development or in production.

Design Thinking


Design thinking is a broad framework for problem identification and/or solving. It is characterized by a high level of collaborative engagement, using creative methods that are often co-created and visual in nature. Design thinking supports an iterative approach to problem identification and solutioning, encouraging repetitious divergent and subseq...

Design Thinking & Project Management

by Bruce Gay

Design Thinking has emerged as a practical methodology for driving innovative outcomes. This blog aims to explore the intersection between Design Thinking and Project Management and to start a conversation on leveraging Design Thinking for contribution to the Project Management practice.


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