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Training Requirements—To Foster The Project activity


We all have many qualities but still improvement is required which changes as per the project demands. What is training? Why should it be focused? What Benefits will it give? This all I will explain in my article, which will focus the importance of training.



Transference of risk involves shifting of the consequence and impact of the risk to a third party. This can include the use of insurance, as well as performance bonds, warranties, guarantees, or fixed price contracts. ...

Transformation & Leadership - Insider Tips

by Luisa Cristini, Nic Jain, Rob Bogue, Angela Montgomery, Carole Osterweil, Abílio Neto, Ruth Pearce, Amrapali Amrapali, Kavitha Gunasekaran, Ronald Sharpe, Barbara Trautlein, Steve Salisbury, Ryan Gottfredson, Walt

Today's world is influenced by change. Project managers and their organizations need to embrace and sometimes drive changes to keep up with the pace in highly competitive environments. In this blog, experienced professionals share their experiences, tips and tools to manage and exploit changes and take advantage of them. The blog is complimentary to the webinar series of the Change Management Community Team and is managed by the same individuals.

Transformation Management

by Rob Llewellyn

The digital economy has fueled executive appetite for transformation. This blog highlights the challenges and opportunities of orchestrating digital business transformation successfully. It covers a broad range of transformation topics—from digital business models and innovation, through to transformation mindsets and value creation.

Transition Planning


A set of techniques to address all aspects of transitioning to a new environment. The key aspects of change that must be addressed are managerial (M), operational (O), social (S), and technical (T).


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"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened."

- Winston Churchill