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Maturity Assessment for Agile Teams

by Phillip Gordon, NK Shrivastava
August 05, 2020 | 61:26 | Views: 816 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.57 / 5

Is your team or organization on track with Agile? Are you sure? Agility assessment is a powerful tool to get you on track with your team's or organization's agility and how you can improve Agile in your organization. Join this webinar to learn more about assessment tools and techniques. Has your organization or team recently implemented Agile, and if so, are you on track to realize the intended benefits? Are you sure things are on track? If you are not assessing your organization’s or team’s agility, you may be missing warning signs that Agile is not working for you.

Maximize Your PMP Salary Potential

by Andy Jordan Jennifer McCaffrey Devanand Ramcharan
July 24, 2014 | 67:12 | Views: 1,426 | PDUs: | Rating: 4.31 / 5

See how your salary stacks up to what other PMPs are making.

Maximize Your Teams Potential

by Dan Lier
September 15, 2019 | 55:43 | Views: 3,540 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.59 / 5

At 6’8” - Dan is a giant in sales and leadership. After winning two successive National Championships as a college basketball player, Dan was obsessed by what separates champions from average performers As a former sales leader and sales manager, Dan was focused on helping sales people sell and helping leaders lead. Dan’s first book, The 10 Minute Coach, launched him into national prominence and he became the first personal development personality to have a contract on HSN where he assisted countless people with his “10 Minute Coach” CD series.

MCC: Training Needs in Africa for ID Projects

by Robert Youker 
April 09, 2013 | 38:36 | Views: 154 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.93 / 5

This Webinar will summarize the results of that survey with specific topics needed in Project Management training in Africa for substantive projects. The countries surveyed were Burkina Faso, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania

Meaningful Use Stage 2: Destination - Attestation

by Gregory Brown
August 21, 2014 | 55:51 | Views: 310 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 3.80 / 5

Travel with Gregory Brown, Sr. Program Manager, as he shares practical tips that the University Of Missouri Healthcare system took to become one of the first ten hospitals in the United States to attest to Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Gregory will share the roadblocks and detours encountered before coming to the realization that there was no easy, direct path to get to their destination of attestation. He will also interweave solid project management lessons throughout the presentation.

Measuring Change Impact

by Beth Montag-Schmaltz
September 10, 2014 | 62:04 | Views: 239 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.17 / 5

This session will walk participants through a tried and true approach to measuring change while discussing a real-world business case study. The session will showcase how the use of well-designed scorecards and metrics moved a project, an organization and its business partners along the change curve.

Meet the INPD Council

by Kimberly Johnson
October 09, 2012 | 41:32 | Views: 121 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.21 / 5

What is INPD? What is the purpose of the INPD Community of Practice? Why is it important to PMI and Project Management? What does the CoP offer? Who are the council members and what do they do? Why should I be a part of this CoP? How can I volunteer and contribute? How do I benefit from volunteering? Well… this is your chance. Join the conference call, meet the CoP council, ask questions, tell them what you expect from the INPD CoP, hear them respond to your questions and talk about what is in store for the next year


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