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I Know One When I See One...

by Paul Harder

The most important part of project portfolio management is selecting the right set of portfolios to manage. The portfolios a company chooses define the work they do, the products they make and the direction they are taking in the marketplace. In this article, we will define what a project portfolio really is and how to establish one in a company.


by Kathryn M. Denton

What do your customers really want? Is that what you give them?

Matrix Technology-N. Que

N.Que is a mid-office software platform, that provides a centralized, collaborative environment which integrates, automates, and optimizes the people-driven and technology-based activities that control, manage and drive actions across your organization for maximum business performance.

FunctionFox Systems-TimeFox

TimeFox, by FunctionFox Systems is a simple, affordable, web-based system to keep track of time in your small business. For ALL the info, visit us online.

Toughen Up

by John Ikeda

Failure should not be an option. Many IT projects fail because no one asks the tough questions. Here's how to tackle this problem--before it tackles your project.

Just Do It!

by Miriam Ziemelis

What is the big deal with completing job applications? If you think your resume is enough for employers, think again. When it comes to the information needed "for the record," there's more than meets the eye.

Free vs. Fee

by Sunil Sharma

"Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!" Not so fast. Generating high traffic could easily be achieved by giving out freebies, but the real challenge is to convert those customers into paid customers.

Project Management According to Napoleon, Part 6

by Jerry Manas

In this sixth and final article in this series, we'll discuss Napoleon's thoughts on post-project evaluation, milestones, global and virtual teams, and the importance of using all available resources.


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Half this game is ninety percent mental.

- Yogi Berra