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ROI Calculation Worksheet


Do the costs and benefits of your project balance out to a worthwhile return on investment (ROI)? Management will use that as important criteria for authorizing your project. Use this spreadsheet to calculate the ROI of your project.

It's All About Value

by Michael Wood

When you're proposing a PI project, remember that the whole point of improving process is improving results. That means adding value--to the client and to your organization.

Are You a Leader?


The best project managers are also excellent leaders. Use this checklist to evaluate your leadership skills as a project manager.

Project Concept

PREMIUM deliverable

Finding sponsors to back your project is an art. Make a compelling case for the project to gain sponsor support when you are pitching your business case to executive management. Here is an example of a brief, direct project concept designed to lure sponsors into your camp.

Life on the Critical Path

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If your business is going to be a top-level project management organization, someone will have to take the lead. Project managers know the way to success. And organizations need to learn how to follow the leader.

Standard Business Case

by Michael Wood

Document a business case to persuade upper management to fund your project. Keep it short and succinct enough that the busy executive management audience will read and digest it. It should directly convey the information they need to know with salient, hard-hitting, supporting evidence that addresses the bottom line. This is a basic instructional framework of the information you should include in your business case. Enhance it as you wish!

Project Manager's Roles and Responsibilities

PREMIUM presentation

You project managers know that you are held accountable for a heck of a lot. Here are your responsibilities in Powerpoint slide format so you can impress your boss, co-workers, subordinates, parents, customers and clients.

Imaginary Obstacles: Getting Over PMO Myths

by Tim Jaques

When you look at the benefits of a PMO--lower costs, more efficiency, higher success rates--you may start looking for reasons why your company hasn't implemented one. Here's a secret: There are no good reasons, only myths--and here's how you can get around them.

Maintaining Performance During Layoffs

by Joe Wynne

With the "pink slip of Damocles" hanging over the heads of so many IT workers these days, your project environment might be a little unstable. Here are some ways to keep things rolling though the tough times.

24 /7: You Da Man, and It's Not So Great Anymore

by Miriam Ziemelis

No, not the job, the job is great! However the work schedule that goes along with it is increasingly out of control due to 24/7 pager expectations. Let's talk about getting some control back in your life. We all have to work some weekends, but frankly, your friends are beginning to cringe when your cell phone rings, and stepping out in the middle of the movie isn't doing wonders for your dating!


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"Bad artists always admire each other's work."

- Oscar Wilde