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What NOT to Miss in a Vendor Contract

by Vyom Bhuta

The contract you negotiate with a vendor is probably the most important document in your package selection project. Make sure you're covered on the crucial issue of acceptance and vendor support. Here are some suggestions to help you ensure your contract is solid.

Know Your Enemy

by Geoff Choo

Script kiddies? Worms? Disgruntled chumps? The security risks to your projects may be closer than you think. Know what to lock down and lock out before it's too late.

Write If You Get Work!

by George Ball

And yes, you can whistle while you do it, too. Knowledge managers bleed words, but the trick isn't in getting people to write, it's getting them to write in a way that makes your work easier. Here's a look at how to produce pure KM dynamite.

Proud to Be an American

by Miriam Ziemelis

We have just passed the two-week anniversary of the most devastating attacks on American soil. How are people adjusting, and what can you do as employers to help people work through the grief and anger that will arise in your workforce's psyche? The first step is to allow them to be proud to be Americans. Let them freely show their patriotism and, in conjunction, provide them the medical and therapeutic resources towards healing from this horrific attack.

KM Good Writing Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

"Me...write...good." Sure you do. Nonetheless, might we suggest a little help in planning and organizing your document production? How about some help utilizing the knowledge that stems from it? Go ahead. Click here. We won't say a word...

For Some, Wireless LAN Is No Laughing Matter

by Sunil Sharma

Too wired? No problem. Local area networks have become a way of life for many businesses, but the preparation and setup can be a drag. Not so with wireless LANs, which will increase your productivity, improve profitability and reduce costs. Still laughing? We didn't think so.

Managing in Tragedy: Helping Your Team Cope

by Donna Boyette

As the United States and the world start to heal from an inexcusable act of terrorism, signs of stress and grief are sure to have an effect on your team and your projects. There are many things you need to keep in mind. Read on for some help.

Wireless Networking Equipment Purchasing Matrix

PREMIUM checklist

Going wireless? Make sure the equipment you purchase meets the needs of your organization and increase your chances of getting approval for that expense on the first try. This checklist will ensure that you aren't forgetting anything.


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