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A 10-Step Plan For Powerful Teams

by Dennis Smith

Many factors will influence an enterprise transformation to self-organized teams, from the willingness of project sponsors to the makeup of the overall portfolio. As such, there is no universal template for success, but here’s a 10-step framework to help design and manage the transition.

A 3 Step UX-Inspired Process for Achieving High Benefits Realization

by Dmitri Khanine

Do we have to wait until after the project is delivered and handed over to operations to see if it was a good investment? This article will provide practical advice and a proven user research process you can use today to improve your benefits realization management .

A anatomia de uma sessão de gravação

by Robert Mazarelli
December 04, 2012 | 37:00 | Views: 73 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.22 / 5

O gerenciamento de projetos bem-sucedidos na indústria do entretenimento produz resultados que são almejados pelos artistas, produtores e consumidores. Neste webinar, você aprenderá como o gerenciamento de projetos é aplicado aos estúdios de uma sessão de gravação, como as áreas de conhecimento do Guia PMBOK® conseguem um equilíbrio entre as partes interessadas, além de semelhanças e diferenças entre o gerenciamento de projetos na indústria do entretenimento e em outras áreas de negócios.

A Balanced Approach to Systems Engineering Project Management

by Ryan Maxwell

How do you, as a systems engineering project manager, know how to approach the decisions in process tailoring, technology, and tool selection? A balanced approach to systems engineering project management will help navigate difficult and seemingly intractable decisions.

A Barrier to PMO Progress

by Andy Jordan

When the organizational environment is out of alignment with what the PMO believes it needs to achieve, how can you manage for success? One PM's struggle can hopefully provide lessons that will resonate with you as ways to improve your own efforts.

A Better Burndown for More Accurate Sprint Planning

by Todd Bookless

One of the secrets of a practitioner's success is that I he has varied from the traditional burndown chart and sprint estimation suggestions that are taught when a person learns about Scrum. If you have had issues with making accurate burndown charts that reliably tell you when your sprint will finish, then perhaps his suggestions can help.

A Better Project Map

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Mind-mapping tools and techniques go beyond the limitations of rudimentary Microsoft Project plans and Excel issues lists, allowing project leaders to visually define project scope, identify potential risks, assign tasks, and capture meeting minutes.

A Better Risk Register

by Andrea Brockmeier

A risk register that simply lists risks without addressing their consequences is at risk of being ignored. A more effective risk register explains why we should be concerned about the risks; it clearly communicates the risk events and what their impact would be. In short, it answers the "so what" question.

A Better Slice of Change

by David Dame

In many transformation initiatives, there is a disconnect between top and bottom — that is, the executives mandating the change and the teams adapting it. Vertical slicing is a cross-functional, cross-level approach that removes communication barriers and leverages interconnected change agents throughout the organization to test and validate decisions.

A Better Way to Get Work Done

by Ty Kiisel

Top-down project management focuses on resource utilization, but fails to gather ground-up intelligence. A better approach requires that organizations truly engage the workforce, making the team members a valid and viable part of the process and allowing information to seamlessly flow up to executives and across departments.


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