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P3 Technology-Projistics

Projistics is a web-based product suite for managing entire project lifecycle and logistics seamlessly, by facilitating collaboration in distributed teams. It consists of integrated applications that enable organizations to increase productivity and reduce collaboration cost.

Pacific Timesheet

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Pacific Timesheet Software

Web-based timesheet and time tracking software. Project timesheet, DCAA compliant timesheet, iPhone timesheet, IVR, product life cycle management, payroll timesheet, attendance, time off, leave, and time clock, license or ASP.

Package & Vendor Selection Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

The build or buy question has already been answered. Now, what do you want to buy, and from whom? This plan will get you over those hurdles fast.

Package and Vendor Profile


Here's an at-a-glance reference that itemizes what those application packages can do and how well their representative vendors stand up to your requirements.

Package Change Specifications


The application package won't be perfect out of the box. It will need modifications to make it fully serve your business needs. Use this matrix to guide you in identifying the necessary changes.

Package Cost Spreadsheet


How much will implementing, customizing, operating and upgrading an application package cost? Analyze how it fits your budget with the package cost spreadsheet.

Package Evaluation Approach


Which application packages and vendors are right for your project and how will you go about finding that out? This comprehensive list of evaluation activities and approach methods guides you through conducting the package evaluation process and choosing the finalists.


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