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PMI Global Summit Series 2024 Europe

April 10-11, 2024 | Berlin, Germany

Join us in Berlin in April 2024 for our first ever PMI® Global Summit Series 2024 Europe! This event will bring together our international community to discover the power, programs, and passion of PMI Global directly in the European region. Attendees will learn to build a stronger future for themselves, their work and their world.

Project Management in a Green World: Including Sustainability

Dec 20, 2023 3:00 PM EST (UTC-5)

Project managers, are you ready to adapt to the changing landscape of a world that needs to think about Climate Change with projects? Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a strategic advantage. Explore how incorporating sustainability principles into your project planning can lead to cost savings, reduced risks, and improved reputation. Join us to discover actionable strategies for incorporating sustainability into your projects and unlock the full potential of your project management career.

Technology Enabled Collaboration for Inclusive Project Teams

Dec 12, 2023 7:00 AM EST (UTC-5)

In today's dynamic and diverse work landscape, the effective collaboration of project teams is essential for success. This webinar, titled "Technology-Enabled Collaboration for Inclusive Project Teams," delves into the transformative role of technology in fostering collaboration among diverse team members. By harnessing the power of technological tools, this webinar explores how project teams can break down barriers, bridge geographical divides, and amplify the voices of those who might traditionally be excluded. Join us to discover strategies that leverage technology to create an inclusive environment, where every team member's unique perspective and expertise are not only valued but also actively integrated into the project's journey towards excellence.

AI Is Coming for the Complacent

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

For any profession or person that has distinguished their value as the ability to absorb, internalize and recall knowledge, the writing is on the proverbial wall. AI has infinitely more capacity than you to retain and retrieve information on cue. What does this mean for the project manager?

Are You Managing Project Life? Heed This Wake-Up Call

by George Freeman, PMP

Life is rarely static, and new circumstances and environments can take something previously manageable and familiar—and slowly turn it upside down without you even noticing. Such is the case with this project manager's recent health wake-up call.

6 Ways to Minimize Being Micromanaged

by Lonnie Pacelli

You earn the right to be micromanaged. As a follower, it’s important for you to do your part to avoid being micromanaged and having your leader fill in the blanks for you. These six tips can help.

Surviving Failure: How to Adopt the Right Perspective

by Andy Jordan

Not every career can be a string of never-ending successes culminating in the “perfect” job. Sometimes, careers experience significant setbacks. But we must recognize how those moments present opportunities for growth.

'Help! A Stakeholder is Undermining Me!'

by Andy Jordan

For all project managers, it’s important that their stakeholders support their actions and decisions. When that doesn’t happen, problems arise.

PMI Training in Person - Las Vegas 2023

December 4-7, 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Join our expert instructors in Las Vegas to network and learn with your peers in small-group, topic-intensive courses aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle® while you earn up to 28 PDUs. No matter where you are in your professional development, strengthen your skills and decision-making at PMI Training in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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