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Data Quality Management in Engineering and Construction Projects

by Valentin Kouprine, PhD, PEng, PMP, Daron Kinsey, MIEAust, Randy McMeekin, PEng

The engineering and construction industry is transforming from a document-driven to a digitally driven sector. Besides the physical assets delivered, managing project data and information is essential to providing better quality deliverables, cutting costs and controlling risks.

D-Cube (Decisive Dynamic Development): Transparent, Feedback, Motivate, Reduce Waste

by Chandra R. Munagavalasa, PSM I, SSGB, PMI-ACP, PMP

Why do we need another agile approach when there are numerous variations that already exist in the market? Many popular agile approaches have strict rules and/or requirements. D-cube (Decisive Dynamic Development) is simple and highly flexible, and can be tailored to fit to your needs. D-cube emphasizes the need for motivated teams, transparency, stakeholder feedback, and the reduction of waste.

Dead on Delivery: How A Successful Project Failed

by Jesse Wilkinson

There are those rare projects that move along perfectly; they achieve every milestone and are fully successful by every measure of cost, quality, timeliness, functionality, and usability. Yet, after delivery they wither into oblivion, unused and forgotten. A look at the rise and fall of just such a project can help identify the missing ingredients needed for real success.

Deliverable-Oriented and Schedule-Driven Project Execution

by Dong Choi

By focusing on only the work required to complete the project within a customer-specified time span, engineering, procurement, and construction companies can eliminate waste and the overuse of resources, which will help them survive cutthroat lump sum turnkey competition. Deliverable-oriented and schedule-driven project execution is essential in optimizing manpower utilization and meeting the client's ever-shortening project schedule requirements.

Delivering Business Value on Agile Projects

by Dina Laresch, PMP

In a shift from traditional on-time and on-budget metrics, project managers increasingly collaborate with business analysts to measure business value as a key metric. Adopting a model based on feature analysis and determining feature business value sets the stage for results-driven, high-value project delivery.

Demand Management for a Franchisee IT Support Organization

by David Scarola

An important topic not often talked about in the project management community is how to deliver solutions your customers actually want. But, what if your customers are not actually your customers? This paper describes a model for IT governance in a franchise organization. The outputs of the process outlined in this document are key inputs into the Initiating Process Group as described in the PMBOK® Guide.

Detailed Design and Engineering & Preconstruction

by Mark A. Annunziata, Sr., PMP

Within tier 1, construction projects’ values are usually in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Based on experiences in the tier 1 environment, this is the first in a series of articles describing basic tier 1 requirements and the project manager’s responsibilities running a live construction project. The articles are particularly intended to provide real examples to young, up-and-coming hopefuls to the project manager role.

Developing a Strategic Request For Proposal

by Edwin Rivera Sierra

In order to minimize issues between the client and the contractor during the construction execution process, a good start is important. Begin by defining how you want to manage your project: the execution strategy, preparing a very clear RFP (request for proposal), knowing your project well, and searching for the right contractors to bid on it.

Developing an Effective Project Management Mentoring Program

by Bruce Gordon, PMP

One of the most effective methods for improving the capabilities and performance of project managers is through mentoring by more experienced practitioners. Learn how to start your own program with these key techniques employed by the PMI Chicagoland Mentoring Program along with four success stories based on direct feedback from participants.

Developing Authenticity

by Pang De Xian

Developing an authentic personality, through tapping into positive values or ethics, enables us to be true to ourselves and sincere in our interactions with others. Authenticity helps to gradually build trust and collaboration with our stakeholders and provide a sustainable contribution to organizations.


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