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Updating Projects Schedule

project plan
by Andrew Makar, PMP

The Team Status view is a custom view that was created by building a custom table and view in MS-Project. Instead of building the view yourself, you can copy the view from this template into MS-Project's GLOBAL.MPT file, the default template that exposes MS-Project's options, settings, calendars and views for use with other project files. Once a view is copied to the GLOBAL.MPT file it is available to other project files on the computer.

Banking Services RFP Preparation

project plan

This project plan helps with the RFP process for selecting the banking services for the treasury department of a company.

Desktop Hardware and Software Deployment Plan

project plan

If your thinking about desktop hardware and software, download this project plan before you begin. It has all the steps necessary for successful planning, procurement and deployment.

Financial Management System Project Plan

project plan

This robust (450 tasks!) Microsoft Project plan guides you through an entire Distributed Application Development project for a financial system, from planning to rollout.

Contingency Risk Management Plan

project plan

Does your business have a contingency plan to handle the impact on critical business processes of an emergency system failure? Mitigate the risk using this Microsoft Project plan as an example of how to prepare for the worst.

Banking Package Implementation Plan

project plan

Deploying an application solution package in a banking environment is complicated and challenging. This Microsoft Project plan based on a real project shows you how.

Business Process Improvement Plan

project plan

Here is a project plan for a project to model and define the "order-to-cash" business process in a retail environment and recommend process improvement opportunities.

Workforce Improvement Program Plan

project plan

Your workforce improvement program will really take off if you use this Microsoft Project plan based on a real-life project to automate the workflow and improve organizational structure, communication and work processes.


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