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Sales and Consulting Services Productivity Checklist


In case you haven't noticed, consulting and sales have become much harder in today's economic and business climate. Even if all you sell are project management services, you need to be on your game. This checklist will help.

Sales Productivity Checklist


Whether you are selling products and services or selling a project itself, it doesn't hurt to brush up on your sales skills.

Schedule Checklist


This checklist will help you build and refine your project schedule. After you have determined the time needed to produce the deliverables and conduct the activities (the basics), you need to allocate time for all the extras and the potential unexpecteds that will come back and bite you if you overlook them.

Software Accessibility Checklist

by Luc K. Richard

This checklist should serve as a tool for evaluating the extent to which software applications are accessible to most people with disabilities.

Software Development Project Metrics Checklist


There's a lot more to a software development project than just developing software. Are you measuring how efficiently your project is proceeding? How well you actually planned and estimated your project's needs and results? Do you feed that information back into your processes to improve future estimates? Use this checklist to improve the often-overlooked metric collection processes that can make a world of difference for the next time.

Software Package Procurement Checklist


So, you're in the market to buy a software package, and you're putting that RFP together. Take a few minutes to go through this checklist to make sure you aren't forgetting anything important.

Software Testing Principles Checklist


Do you know how to thoroughly and efficiently test the software product you have so painstakingly built? Don't risk delivering a faulty software product due to insufficient or unfocused testing. Use this list to check whether you are testing smart--or just testing!

Subcontract Administrator Checklist


Subcontract administrators, do you ever feel overwhelmed with so many items to monitor and so little time? Use this form to keep tabs on subcontract documentation.

Support Services & Impact Analysis Checklist


A project impacts lots of people, resources and processes behind the scenes. Use this checklist to make sure you'll have the support you need from key people in the background without whose support your project will not get off the ground.



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