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Debugging Checklist


What bugs you about debugging? All those details, right? Use this checklist as a reminder to do certain things at a certain time.

Delegating How-to Checklist


Delegating is so much more than just asking someone to carry out your duties on your behalf. There is an art and a science to it. This checklist will give you pointers on how to delegate well.

Deliverable Review Checklist and Guidelines


A formal deliverable review by committee is a necessary evil of a software project. Guidelines for conducting deliverable review sessions must be established and followed. Check your deliverable review procedures against this list to make sure your reviews are productive and professional.

Deployment Preparation and Follow-up Checklist for Ongoing Maintenance


You've worked hard on your project, and you are about to deploy and implement the final product. Now, have you thought about how the product is to be maintained after you've turned it over to the client? This checklist will help you put a plan into place for post-deployment maintenance.

Design Milestones Review Checklists


This Design Milestones Review Checklist contains four worksheets: Design Milestones, High-Level Pre-Design, Technical Requirements, and Documentation and User Interface.

Design Phase Quality Assessment Review Checklist


Are you designing a new software system? Chances are, you are so busy with models, processes and plans, you might be forgetting other pieces of the puzzle. This checklist will keep it all straight for you.

Development Environment Checklist


Any software project larger than a few weeks will benefit from a carefully crafted development environment. This includes tools such as compilers, editors, debuggers, the build system and the configuration management system.

Distributed Application Critical Design Review Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Once you have designed a distributed application, it must pass a thorough review by a committee of sponsors, user representatives, technical personnel and all other key stakeholders. Launching directly into development before the design of the system has been approved is a guarantee for rework down the road. Use this template to execute and report findings from the important critical design review.

Do You Delegate?

PREMIUM checklist

Are you brave enough to give yourself a psychological checkup on a critical managerial skill, the ability to delegate? Many managers do not understand the difference between delegation and job assignment, and some cannot resist micromanaging their employees. Use this checklist to identify your shortcomings and chart your improvement at delegating responsibility.

DRP Questionnaire


This compliance checklist will simplify the assessment of your Disaster Recovery Plan and processes.



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