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Catastrophe Action Checklist


If September 11, 2001, wasn't a wake-up call that workplaces disasters can and do happen, it should have been. Here is a checklist for actions you and your company will need to take in the event of a disaster. Download it, read it, take it to heart, develop your own action plans, practice them and be ready just in case.

Checklist for Code Reviews


Your project is staffed with skilled programmers, but even they may not attend to all the details that make code comprehensible, maintainable and effective for the project. Your code developers will benefit from having a guideline such as this checklist (it's in programmer-speak!) in hand to review the code for tightness, accuracy, completeness and adequate documentation.

Checklist for Terminating Employees


Terminating an employee is a sensitive issue made all the more difficult by the possibility of post-termination litigation. Before you terminate anyone, talk to your corporate counsel, and read through this checklist.

Closing a Project Checklist

by George Spafford

There are a number of tasks that need to be accomplished during the closure phase. To share some ideas, this Excel template checklist provides a list.

Combined Project Management Checklist Suite


If you need a checklist for project management productivity, planning and conducting meetings, sales productivity, team productivity and training needs, click here.

Construction Scope Stage Checklist


This form will help you look at your construction project's scope after each stage of your project while taking into account environmental factors, ergonomics, safety and general considerations.

Contract Risk Checklist


Sound risk assessment practice demands that you look at every aspect of a contract before signing on the dotted line. This checklist will walk you through the nitty-gritty details.

Contract Risk Review


If you're about to enter into a contract, you need to understand the risks involved. Thoughtful pre-contract preparation, review and follow-up will go a long way toward keeping your company out of legal hot water.

Contractor Assessment Checklist


You've decided to go outside your company for help on a project. Use this checklist when interviewing outside vendors, contractors and third-party development sources.

Controlling the Software Development Process Checklist


Use this checklist to evaluate your organization's mechanisms for identifying problems in the software development process, correcting development process deficiencies and preventing the recurrence of project problems brought on by development process deficiencies.


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