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Catastrophe Action Checklist


If September 11, 2001, wasn't a wake-up call that workplaces disasters can and do happen, it should have been. Here is a checklist for actions you and your company will need to take in the event of a disaster. Download it, read it, take it to heart, develop your own action plans, practice them and be ready just in case.

Check Your Project Management Approach

PREMIUM checklist

Wondering why your projects don't sail so smoothly? Looking to improve your project management approach? Use this checklist periodically, especially when you have time on and between projects to do some serious evaluation of how you really strategize, plan and manage your projects. It will reveal the adjustments you need to make to increase your chances of success on your future projects and reveal ways to improve your current project and capitalize on those things that are working best.

Checklist for Code Reviews


Your project is staffed with skilled programmers, but even they may not attend to all the details that make code comprehensible, maintainable and effective for the project. Your code developers will benefit from having a guideline such as this checklist (it's in programmer-speak!) in hand to review the code for tightness, accuracy, completeness and adequate documentation.

Checklist for Developing and Financing Power Projects

PREMIUM checklist
by Dan Potash

When developing and financing a power project, use this checklist/outline as a basis for your procedures, progress and risk. Have you developed procedures for all of these items? Have considerations for all of them been made and documented? Have appropriate parties been assigned to their respective specialties?

Checklist for Maintaining Leadership in Meetings

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

Good leaders enhance leadership credibility when they run successful meetings. This comprehensive meeting checklist has been designed to help leaders prepare for success.

Checklist for Successful Software Projects

PREMIUM checklist

Software projects fail for a reason. They are successful for a reason, too. This checklist spells out what to do--and what to avoid. See where your project stands.

Checklist for Support After Project Closure

PREMIUM checklist

What is signed off upon as a successful project often fails miserably after a few months, a victim of inadequate post-implementation support. Use this checklist to help your projects avoid this ignominious fate.

Checklist for Terminating Employees


Terminating an employee is a sensitive issue made all the more difficult by the possibility of post-termination litigation. Before you terminate anyone, talk to your corporate counsel, and read through this checklist.


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