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Sample Project Approach

PREMIUM presentation

This presentation takes a fictional project and breaks it down as to what must happen during the design, bid and construction/implementation phases.

Scheduling in an Agile Environment

PREMIUM presentation
by Anthony Piazza

What is Agile? Why do I care? How is it relevant to me? These common questions reflect the state of confusion and ambiguity that surrounds the concept of agility. This webinar will attempt to resolve these questions by cutting through the ambiguity with practical, relevant insights into agility and its application to project teams - including teams not using iterative techniques in the design and scheduling of their projects. Real world examples of application in linear, task-driven projects in complex, regulated environments will provide a context for how agility can be applied even when your team isn't an "Agile team".

Scrum in the Waterfall

PREMIUM presentation
by Dave Prior

This presentation is the supporting document for this video. It walks you through an ingenious way to keep traditional waterfall-minded management happy and informed about the progress of a scrum project without doing a lot of extra work or compromising the elements that make the agile approach powerful.

Seven Win Conditions


These tradeoffs are prioritized in importance by the project sponsor and crucial stakeholders.

Shutting Down a Project

PREMIUM presentation

All things come to an end, including your project. This presentation shows you how to shut it down in good order.

Simple Risk Quantification Approach

PREMIUM presentation

This Simple Risk Quantification Approach guides you through how the risks you face can be measured prioritized and ranked in a consistent and fairly simple way. The approach includes a sample work product you might used to track risks throughout your project life cycle.

Simple Risk Quantification Approach (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM presentation

이 단순 리스크 정량화 접근법은 직면 한 리스크를 우선 순위를 측정하고 일관되고 매우 간단한 방식으로 평가하는 방법을 안내합니다. 이 접근법에는 프로젝트 라이프 사이클 전반에 걸쳐 리스크를 추적하는 데 사용할 수있는 샘플 작업 제품이 포함됩니다.

Six Steps to Application Governance

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Use this sample presentation to convey the three key operational procedures to improve the perceptions about operations support. Project managers can modify and apply this brief application governance presentation to help their project teams avoid becoming "lost in transition".


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