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Desigining E-Learning Programs


In conjunction with our e-learning articles, this presentation will help guide managers through the design of e-learning programs.

Developing a Budget Crash Course


Developing a budget requires so much more than a hankering for creative accounting and a wish for funds. If you're a project manager, you live and die by your budget. Here's a crash course on what you should take into consideration when putting a realistic project budget together.

Developing a Schedule

PREMIUM presentation

If developing a schedule were easy, no project manager would ever have a problem with it. This presentation serves as a guide to the key points that must be mastered to develop realistic project schedules.

Developing an Information Systems Strategic Plan

PREMIUM presentation
by Michael Wood

The ulimate goal of any organization is to keep its stakeholders happy. That's how you thrive in business. This presentation explains how you can design your IS function to uphold the objectives of the organization in meeting this most important goal.

Developing Project Strategy


Ensure the success of your project by assigning the correct strategy and focus to it. This presentation will show you how.

Dispelling Myths About Scaling Agile Projects (slides)


The Agile scaling myth goes something like this: “Agile development works well for smaller projects, but doesn’t scale to larger ones.” Which raises questions like: “At what size does delivering value to customers fail to be important?” and “Can large organizations afford to be inflexible, rigid, and unresponsive?” The obvious answers to these questions are: customer value is always important, and agility is an imperative for organizations both large and small. How to achieve agility with larger projects is the relevant question.


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