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Team Management

PREMIUM presentation

Taking disparate individuals and putting them together to form a cohesive, functioning team is harder than herding cats. Now try managing them! This presentation contains guidelines you need to manage a project team successfully.

The Art of War for Project Managers

PREMIUM presentation
by Dave Prior

This presentation explains how to use the teachings in Sun Tzu's masterpiece for success at work. While this presentation is geared towards in your role as a project manager, many of the lessons can be applied in other facets of day-to-day life to help you subtly manipulate a situation towards a desired outcome.

The Basics of IT Project Management

PREMIUM presentation

If you're a project manager, you already know this stuff. But perhaps some junior members of the project staff need a refresher, or you'd like to explain key concepts of IT project management to non-project managers. This Powerpoint presentation covers the basics.

The Effective Project Management Office

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

You know you need to establish some centralized control over projects, but you need management support to make it happen. This presentation defines various PMO structures, then presents strategies for building, selling and setting up PMOs. It will not only help you structure your thinking around the topic, but give you a HUGE head start on selling it to executives.

The Functional Project Organization

PREMIUM presentation

Using a functional (line) organization to complete a project is one (possibly quite advantageous) way of getting things done. But since all things in life are a trade-off, expect plenty of disadvantages, too.

The Importance of Lessons Learned and the Lessons Learned Facilitator

PREMIUM presentation
by Al Jacobs

In firms that are often run by short sided and overstretched managers, appointing a lessons learned facilitator is a necessary step to capitalize on past successes and errors. Why make the same mistake twice if you can avoid it? This presentation and its accompanying templates share a way for program and project managers to collect and share lessons learned—ones that often get buried in their day-to-day routines. Finding, tweaking and then formally sharing those "neglected" lessons learned can save a firm significant funds and increase related future project efficiencies.

The Knowledge Management Technology Marketplace

PREMIUM presentation

Knowledge management is driving important changes in the software and services market. This presentation explains just why and how knowledge management is a force to be reckoned with in today's marketplace.

The Manager's Guide to Avoiding 7 Project Portfolio Pitfalls slides


Portfolio management organizations can avoid project pitfalls by leveraging the combined power of social collaboration, increased engagement, accountability, visibility, and recognition—making it possible for people to take ownership of their work and perform at a higher level.


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