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Help! I Can't Choose My Project Team!

PREMIUM presentation

You're a project manager who had little or no say-so about who would be on the project team. Now you're stuck with people who have been imposed upon you. What do you do?

How Do You Resolve Talent Management Challenges

PREMIUM presentation
by Joanna Newman

What is talent management? Why is it useful? How can you use it on your day-to-day interactions with people? Check out this presentation from the PMI Global Congress 2014 in Phoenix for more!

How to Conduct a Project Feasibility Study

PREMIUM presentation

A project worth doing is a project worth doing right. But can the project really be done at all? Learn how to assess project feasibility by taking into account potential constraints.

How to Estimate Effort and Duration

PREMIUM presentation

No one can predict the future, but you as project manager will be asked to estimate the duration of tasks. You can get yourself a crystal ball, read tea leaves, or download this presentation for some real help.

How to Get Your Project to Succeed, Not Tank

PREMIUM presentation

Whether the project was a resounding success or stunning failure, there are lessons to be learned. We've captured those lessons here in presentation form.

How to Give a WOW Presentation - Online or Face to Face slides

PREMIUM presentation
by Timothy Mack

The webinar of this presentation will show how communicating online is fundamentally different from communicating face-to-face and how your communication style must change depending upon your environment. Attendees will also learn how to effectively create slides and which pitfalls to avoid.

How to Negotiate

PREMIUM presentation

Negotiation is a skill that can be learned. This presentation is an overview of Negotiation 101 for project managers.


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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

- Pablo Picasso