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I wish I had me when I was you...

by Laura Barnard

"I wish I had me when I was you..." That expresses precisely how I feel each time a project manager or PMO leader tells me a story about their frustrations encountered while trying to create effective and sustainable change, build (or fix) a PMO, or deliver projects successfully. I always think to myself…I wish I knew then what I know now. I’ve made it my mission to share with you everything that I have learned while creating change and building PMOs in both large and small organizations for the last 24 years, many of those years as an employee in the "hot seat" responsible for building internal capability. I’m hoping these articles help you along your journey as you continue to evolve and develop skills and techniques to be the high-IMPACT leader you are meant to be. Learn more at

In the Trenches

by Meade Rubenstein

Here I'll discuss my ideas on and firsthand accounts of project management, with a focus on PM theory, leadership and IT project management.


by Andrew Craig

A place to write.

Innovative Talent Retention Practices

by Arul SP Muthupandian

In the wake of shortage of talented and qualified resources, one need to retain as well as reward a talented resource well. Please suggest as many innovative but sure success methods to retain and manage talent.

Inspire, Lead and Deliver

by theknowledge catalysts

The important characteristics of successful project managers are to inspire,lead and deliver. All the great project managers have these abilities.

IT Transformation Management

by Maxson Anthony

Every time your organization is in the process of establishing/updating/extending/consolidating your IT Systems Portfolio, you ask yourself this question; How to plan the transformation to get maximum benefits? Or How to get it right this time? This Blog will attempt to cover all aspects of IT Transformation Strategy and Execution Planning.



"Very deep. You should send that into Reader's Digest, they've got a page for people like you."

- Douglas Adams