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PM Podcast Episode 431: The CCR Handbook (PDU Spotlight)

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Today, we are shining a spotlight on Professional Development Units (PDUs). More precisely, I’m going to give you a relatively short overview of the CCR Handbook, which defines all the policies around PDUs. And if you are a project manager who holds a certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI)® then you know about PDUs, because you need them for your certification renewal every three years.

PM Podcast Episode 430: Are You An Inclusive Project Leader?

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP Agata Czopek

In this interview we welcome Agata Czopek (LinkedIn Profile) and discuss that diversity is a fact and inclusion is a choice. Companies with diverse executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform the companies rated in the bottom quartile of diversity. Have you ever experienced a situation that made you feel uncomfortable? Let’s discover the attributes of an inclusive leader and the steps needed to improve team performance by addressing unconscious bias.

PM Podcast Episode 429: Say Yes to Project Success

by Karthik Ramamurthy

In this interview we welcome Sripriya Narayanasamy (LinkedIn Profile) and Karthik Ramamurthy (LinkedIn Profile) who are the authors of the book Say Yes to Project Success. in 52 short and entertaining chapters the book gives actionable advice to project managers on the most common issues we are faced with on pretty much every project.

PM Point of View #59: Psychometrics: Myers-Briggs and Beyond

by Kendall Lott, David Cooper, Ray Linder, Hile Rutledge
PMI Washington, DC Chapter

Know thyself. Then know your teammates. A key component of effective project management is teamwork, but that’s not always easy when you bring together people representing a range of ages, backgrounds, and values. There are steps PMs can take to engender a harmonious and, consequently, a productive work environment.

PM Podcast Episode 428: Effective Meeting Leadership

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, Kevin Wozniak

This interview with Kevin Wozniak focuses on effective meeting management. It covers one of the project management basics that is most difficult to handle - managing stakeholders using different combinations of direct, dotted line, and influential management.

PM Podcast Episode 427: How to Complete Your Projects 50% Faster

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, Douglas Knutzen

What if you had to do your project in (near) half the time as previous projects, or be fired? What if your customer required you to do their project in (near) half the time to which you are accustomed or lose the business? Hear Douglas Knutzen speak about the techniques (that can be applied to almost any type of project) that helped to meet these challenges and got the products successfully to market in record time.

PM Podcast Episode 426: How to Ensure Long-Term Project Success

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, Eleonore Pieper

Successful projects result in change. However, this transformation usually happens when the original project team is already disbanding, leaving the process largely unmanaged and stakeholders ill-equipped to use the deliverables as they were intended, diminishing the expected project impact and benefits. In this interview with Eleonore Pieper, we explore five strategies that project managers can easily incorporate into their project plans to put in place preventative and mitigation strategies that will lead to improved adoption of project results.

PM Point of View #57: Organizational Effectiveness

by Charles G. Chandler

"Efficiency is about going from inputs to outputs. But effectiveness is about going from outputs to outcomes." So says Charles Chandler, author and podcaster, who discusses his model for organizational sustainability and effectiveness.

PM Podcast Episode 425: Maximize Your Project's First 21 Days

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, Sara Gallagher

The ink isn't even dry on your charter, but what if the seeds of project destruction have already been sown? The odds are not in our favor. The Project Management Institute (PMI)® reports that nearly 15% of projects are deemed failures. After years of helping companies "unstick" troubled projects, our guest knows that the first 21 days are critical to success. Learn how you can leverage them to beat the odds!


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