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Virtual Project Reality

by Samuel DeMarie

While virtual project teams offer many benefits, from expanding the talent pool to reducing travel costs, organizations must learn more about how and when to implement them in order to turn potential gains into reality. Here is a set of five recommendations and lessons learned from a complex federal project that broke new ground on virtual collaboration.

Think Globally

by Gary Keller

To develop and lead cohesive global or multinational teams, project managers need to be mindful of cultural cues and customs. Some are subtle, others may seem obvious, but they all can be critical to maximizing performance.

The Virtues of Virtual

by Tom Nelson

Managing virtual project teams presents a host of challenges. But remote project managers who trust their people, establish solid processes and make the most of technology often can be more productive than their on-site counterparts.

Team vs. Team

by Louellen Essex and Mitchell Kusy

Here are nine signs that unproductive or dysfunctional behavior between teams is likely. If you see some of them, act quickly to reduce their intensity or frequency, and begin collaboration building.

Migration Patterns

by Venessa Wong

When Beijing-based I.T. United took on a data migration project for Texas-based Dell, systemized communication became a top priority to coordinate the work. To overcome geographic and time zone gaps, both sides needed to maintain parallel environments — and expectations. In the process, a long-term partnership has formed.

Old Ware Stories

by Daniel Starr

Rigidity, late-blooming requirements conflicts, triangular relationships and simple geography conspired to deliver half of what a major technology project promised. On this effort, it seemed, you could change everything but the way the team worked.

Play Nice in the Virtual Sandbox

by Richard Brunelli

As virtual projects become a necessity in resource-constrained environments, project leaders must navigate the sometimes-rocky shoals created when unfamiliar team members work together. Technology can help bridge the physical distance, but it can't guarantee teamwork. More than any one best practice, common courtesy goes a long way when managing remote teams, according to those who have been there and done that.

Teams and Times Zones

by Dan McCarthy

As if building a high-performing team wasn’t hard enough, a global project brings an array of additional challenges, from time zone conflicts to cultural differences. Here, a practitioner who has led a number of successful global projects shares 10 tips for leading a virtual team.

Community Works

by Karen Klein

Remote worksites, international time zones and dispersed teams can isolate project managers and stymie their problem-solving efforts. But communities of practice may help, connecting them with like-minded individuals and the tools to approach issues collaboratively. Here are five ideas for improving project collaboration through CoPs.


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