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How to Get & Nurture the Best Freelance PM for Your Projects

by Michael Wood

Most organizations need to rely on the services of project managers outside of their organization. Want to improve the odds of achieving success using freelance PMs? Check out these tips from a practitioner who's been there.

Top 10 PM Supervillains (and How to Defeat Them)

by Olivier Cothenet

From vampires that suck away our time to zombies that sleepwalk through their daily tasks, we must battle a horde of supervillains in our challenging work as project managers. Read about 10 common monsters we have to face—and learn how to turn their negative energy into a positive for the project.

Strategic Planning: The Knapsack Problem

by Bart Gerardi

It can be tempting to fill up your strategic planning "bag" using all available information and resources. But doing so can cause problems as the plan progresses. Sometimes leaving some things out of the initial plan is better down the road.

A Lighthearted Guide to Managing a Volunteer Project

by Robert Ford

When you decide to apply your PM skills to an unpaid volunteer project, what considerations must you make? How do you navigate the human factors that come into play when the labor is also unpaid? This article provides a handy (and humorous) guide to success.

Measuring What Matters for Talent

by Joe Wynne

While identifying and measuring “what matters” can be complex, you have a lot of control when it comes to measures related to talent management. Use these four scores and metrics to get started.

4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Workforce

by Andy Jordan

Project management is a high-demand profession with a significant supply shortfall. What can organizations do to ensure they have enough project management talent to support them in the future? What skills and attributes should companies be looking for?

Strategies To Keep Top Talent...and Attract New Hires

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Some of the most talented workers are now leaving their organizations—and companies are finding it difficult to fill vacant positions with qualified individuals. What strategies should organizations adopt to retain top talent—while also making their workplaces attractive to new hires?

We Have Always Been Hybrid

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

A very big deal is being made about workplace models as we shift into whatever our new normal looks like. But none of this is at all new. The problem is that we simply don’t follow the guidelines, the recommendations, the research and what we know works well.

Nurture the Talent, Don't Abuse the Lack of Experience

by Andy Jordan

If we think back over our careers, we can likely remember situations where we saw new project managers being tricked, teased or joked with. We may even have experienced it, or done it ourselves. We need to do better.


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