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5 Steps for Facilitating Team Performance Problems

by Joe Wynne

Communication problems make solving performance problems more difficult. Know when to stop a root cause analysis to identify and deal with special individual communication issues. These five tips can help.

Use a Motivational Quick Start to Avoid New Worker Disappointment

by Joe Wynne

The new worker is very attuned to anything that reveals insights (good or bad) about the team and the work culture. Show that you care about their career by applying these success criteria to a “motivational quick start” orientation.

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers: Working With Others

by Mike Griffiths

Interpersonal skills can often be the most challenging aspect of emotional intelligence. Here we focus on the importance of empathy (understanding and being aware of people's feelings) and social skills (knowing how to work with others in various situations). How do you measure up?

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

by Mike Griffiths

Ignore emotional intelligence at your own risk. As a project manager, much of what we do is based on exercising EI. We are responsible for inspiring, motivating and influencing team members—and we must use EI first to get our mental health in order, then to help promote collaboration.

Holding a Retrospective During Crisis: Lessons From Ukraine

by Anna Yakubova

Holding a retrospective during a crisis is a completely different process than it is during less stressful times. As a PM, you should be aware of the appropriate methods to use when this happens. A practitioner from Ukraine shares her experiences.

Unleashing the 'Pow!' in Power Skills

by Mike Griffiths

How can we motivate team members from passive compliance (or even worse, resistance) to committed dedication or even passionate innovation? Paying a salary does not motivate someone. Enter power skills to the rescue.

How to Address Mental Health in Project Management

by Robert Ford

When does mental health matter in project management? Methodologies may be silent on the subject, but if you are keen to see a project proceed on time with less risk, the support of mental health for your team members is vital.

Talent Hunting Today and Tomorrow

by Carleton Chinner

The race to acquire talented resources for your team has never been tighter. Despite the difficulties that surround finding outstanding talent, there are more options than ever. Even traditional ways of finding people have changed. Here’s how you can make the best of finding your new team.

Not All New Project Managers Are Created Equal

by Andy Jordan

Even though everyone being developed into a project manager will end up with broadly similar skills and abilities, standardized development just doesn’t work. Do your organization's development efforts vary based on the current skills and experience of each individual?

Successful Strategies for Working With Contract Project Managers

by Michael Wood

You've decided to use the services of a contract PM. It could be one of your best or worst decisions—and that greatly depends on how well you establish clear and quantifiable expectations, and provide objective and constructive support of their assignment.


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