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Navigating Leadership Styles

by Jacqueline Dasso Haddad, PMP

Nothing takes the place of solid work experience. So one PM decided to reach out to her colleagues and gather their everyday thoughts and insights into what they have learned over the years in working with different leadership styles.

Navigating Leadership Styles (Part 2)

by Jacqueline Dasso Haddad, PMP

Nothing takes the place of solid work experience. So one PM decided to reach out to her colleagues and gather their everyday thoughts and insights into what they have learned over the years in working with different leadership styles. These important questions and answers continue that valuable research.

Navigating the End-of-Year Chaos

by Andy Jordan

Managing projects that are behind schedule while also dealing with requests from staff for time off or to leave early for a holiday event is a difficult balancing act. How do you ensure project success and high staff morale during this crunch?

Negating Negativity: Quashing Negativity Before It Gets Out Of Control

by David Whitemyer

Outward negativity on projects can create speed bumps toward successful project completion and can cause project failure, which is a risk no project manager can afford to take. This article discusses how to overcome negativity on projects before it gets out of control. In doing so, it examines the different approaches required when turning around a bad attitude with team members, stakeholders and sponsors. Specifically, it identifies four types of team members whose actions foster negative morale. It then identifies sources of stakeholder negativity and suggests how project managers can turn off-putting stakeholders into project allies. Next, the article suggests how project managers can handle negative executive sponsors or negative clients. Accompanying the article is a sidebar that identifies five common negative traits.

New PM Maxims

by Todd B. Loeb, PMP

Ah, the good ol' project management maxims! We've heard them all, right? Or have we? Over the last few years, one writer's professional encounters have led him to develop a few new gems of PM wisdom, destined to one day find their special place on project status reports worldwide (well, he can dream, right?).

New Project, New People, New Problems?

by Mike Donoghue

Got yourself a new project? Congratulations. Got any idea as to who you are going to have working with you? Chances are, you have your work cut out for you.

New Training with Social Media

by Joe Wynne

It’s time to make way for new training tools and techniques…or get run over. Old methods are fast becoming obsolete, but the replacement tools have not been fully tested and will not be immediately acceptable to all organizations. Use these tactics to move more quickly toward faster project workforce development.

New Year Resolutions for the Project Manager

by Andrew Makar, PMP

As you promise to drop 20 pounds, exercise three days a week and obtain a better work/life balance, don’t forget to add a few project management best practices to your resolutions.

New Year, New You?

by Craig Curran-Morton

So the new year is upon us. But this year, one writer will try something a little different. Instead of just picking a few resolutions for his personal self (pounds, be gone!), he's adding some for his professional, project management self--the things he will do differently that will have an impact on his project teams. Join him on his journey...

Next-Generation PM: What's Old Is New Again?

by Michael Wood

There is enough buzz about next-generation project management that it deserves a closer look. What makes NGPM any different from the way successful projects have been run in the past, especially IT projects?


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