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Scrum Teams: Optimizing Performance

by Andy Jordan

Scrum can do wonders for team performance, and those lessons translate across all areas. In this article, we look at how to optimize those teams and ensure maximum benefits.

Self Help for PMs

by Andy Jordan

Project managers need to support one another--does your PMO support that? A lot of organizations recognize the need to have project managers share best practices and ideas across the PMO, but very few do it well. Here's some advice for adopting the right model.

Service Level Measurements

by David Schmidt

This article covers the steps involved in assisting sourcing teams in the understanding and development of SLAs, SLOs, and OLAs associated with their sourcing activities. Sourcing activities include both internally retained and externally out-tasked or outsourced work responsibilities. This article is applicable to both. I will use the example of an outsource decision for an IT Help Desk.

Setting Up Sponsors for Success

by Andy Jordan

Good project sponsorship is critical for success, but that accountability starts long before the project itself is approved. So why are sponsors frequently set up for failure by their organizations, and how can you change that?

Seven Deadly Habits of Ineffective Software Managers

by Ken Whitaker

We know, we's a jungle out there in software land. These stories should introduce you to the unfortunate trials and tribulations of software development management--and the ways to overcome or avert them And all of these apply to project management, too! (You won't get too depressed, we promise!)

Seven Successful Habits of Effective Software Leaders

by Ken Whitaker

It's easy to find a million ways that software managers can fail with their teams and their projects. This article prioritizes seven practical leadership tips and techniques that can help build great teams that consistently deliver great projects. And these habits are so simple, you can put them into practice immediately!

Shaping a Strategic Approach to Learning and Development

by Michael Wood

Few would argue against continuous training of team members, but many fail to consider how that training will ultimately benefit the organization. By creating an overall L&D strategy, you can maximize your training efforts and see better business results than you may have thought possible.

Should We Use Stack Ranking to Evaluate Staff Members?

by Mike Donoghue

This employee-evaluation process is one where performance segments get created within an organization--ultimately leaving one group of individuals on the bottom that get terminated. But evidence supports the notion that companies regularly performing this forced ranking breed an environment of distrust--and undermine teamwork.

Significance + Success

by Beth Spriggs

A project’s goals and a project manager’s success measures are often conflated, but they’re not the same thing. Goals come from stakeholders; they are outcome-driven and focused on organizational impact. Success measures demonstrate the work achieved. Here’s a closer look at this key distinction.

Skills Tracking: An Unattainable Ideal?

by Andy Jordan

It’s very difficult to assign the right people to the right tasks, to ensure that the right training is delivered to the right people at the right time, and hire to fill skills gaps. How can you effectively track your resource pool’s skills efficiently?


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