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Earning PDUs Made Easy: A Six-Step Approach

by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP

Congratulations! You've passed the PMP exam! But your work isn't you need to shift your focus to earning the 60 PDUs required to maintain that credential you worked so hard for. If you follow this six-step plan of attack, you'll be well on your way.

Earning Respect as a Project Manager & a Woman

by Stephanie Jaeger, PMP, BBA, PMO

Being a woman in a professional world can at times come with challenges. During this project manager's career, she has had encounters that were humiliating, discriminatory or simply embarrassing. But she found a way to let her work speak for itself.

Economic Woe...or No?

by Bob Weinstein

Who said the economy is falling apart? Don’t believe everything you read (well, believe this article…)

Economy Turning Around? You're Joking!

by Bob Weinstein

Forget everything you've read about the long-awaited turnaround never happening and that the economy is still in miserable shape. Just blot it out of your mind, because brand new statistics and projections say things are looking up. If you were down about February's numbers, you'll feel a lot better when you take a gander at what's ahead. Read on and get the latest take on the job market. (And it's okay if you're a tad confused...)

Educating the Senior PM: A Roadmap

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

You've read a PM book. You've taken an introductory course. Your PMP is firmly in hand. What's next? The challenge for project managers at this point is that there isn't a really good answer. In fact, there isn't really any one answer. The most honest and truthful answer is probably, "It depends." But what, exactly, does it depend on?

Elevation Through Conflict?

by Karen Chovan

Anticipate. Influence. Elevate. These were the themes of PMI Global Congress 2016—North America. Words of contemplation listed on a wall, blasted on screens, without context. Until we started the program and it all became clear.

E-Mail Emergency

by Bob Weinstein

Privacy went out with the telephone. Read on to find out why you should think twice about what you say in an e-mail.

Embracing Redundancy

by Andy Jordan

For many people, being laid off carries a stigma--and that simply shouldn't be the case. Here, we try to provide some practical thoughts on how to deal with job loss when you are applying for new positions. When you are looking to rebuild your career, hold your head high and have a good story.

Embracing the End-of-Year Cleanup

by Andy Jordan

The end of the year often represents closure on projects and a mini-break before the start of the next year’s projects. How should a new PM (and all of us!) take advantage of that?

Emergency Experts

by Bob Weinstein

The demand for disaster experts has never been stronger. Here's more on the niche industry--still in its infancy--surrounding preventing disaster of every imaginable kind.


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Eighty percent of success is showing up.

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