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Deadly Questions for The Killer Candidate

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Job candidates know what you're going to ask them, so it's time to throw them a curveball and get some genuine insight into their strengths and weaknesses--and how well they will fit into your organization. (Job hunters, you better read this, too...)

Deadly Questions Redux: Resurrecting the Interview

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Face it: A traditional interview is simply inadequate in helping to understand how someone communicates except in a formal interview situation. If you want to know how they perform in different environments, you're going to have to explore those environments.

Deep Dive the Micro to Understand the Macro

by Christopher Cook

Large, complex projects seem like an impossibility at the start. However, taking on such a project piece by piece relieves you of the weight of the world. You can now focus your attention on the micro to accomplish the macro. With this shift, anything is possible.

Defining Business Smarts

by Bob Weinstein

What does business acumen mean, exactly? This writer asked managers, company decision-makers and some pundits/analysts what exactly “business smarts” means. The results proved that a dilemma exists--a failure to communicate on the same level.

Delayed Designations: Breaking the Habit

by Mike Griffiths

When we identify a certification or designation that would be useful for our career, why do we often put it off? When it comes to the next logical progression of our profession, how can we break out of our pesky procrastination?

Demystifying the Interview

by Bob Weinstein

Getting cold sweats thinking about that big interview you have? Help is on the way. Questions fall into four categories, so get prepped with these tips.

Designing an IT Career Path

by Michael Wood

So many choices and each with its own set of benefits, requirements and tradeoffs. Where to begin? Whether you are just starting out or well into your career, there are some things you should consider when designing your IT career path. But with the job outlook still struggling, careful consideration of your path is well worth while.

Desk for Success

by Donna Boyette

Working from home? Looking for work from home? The second in our series on preparing for possible job loss offers advice as your home office becomes your base for networking, job searches and perhaps the remote-employee or consultant role.

Develop Agile Coaching

by Ben Linders

Good coaching can address the challenges many organizations face when adopting Agile ways of working, including Scrum implementation. Sometimes that means hiring an experienced coach from the outside; sometimes coaching skills can be developed from within the workforce. There are a number of resources to help.

Develop the Middle

Thuy and Milo Sindell

Are you wasting time and energy trying to improve your weaknesses as a leader? Are you asking others to do the same in performance reviews? Instead, focus on “middle skills” — the abilities between weaknesses and strengths that are our most underdeveloped resource for long-term professional development and growth.


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