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Project Management Is a Journey, Not a Destination

by Andy Jordan

Many of the stakeholders that support project management career growth have the wrong perspective on what project management actually is. Becoming a project manager isn't some kind of ending, a destination to reach that signifies progress is complete. It's just the beginning.

Career Choices During Ongoing Uncertainty (Part 2): The Mid-Career PM

by Bruce Garrod

This four-part series explores project management careers from various perspectives. We continue with the mid-career project manager. The series will explore options, suggestions and alternatives that are intended to provoke reflection on one’s own career—and suggestions for more choices.

The Importance of Perspective During Career Disruption

by Andy Jordan

If you’re one of the many project-related workers who are currently struggling to find a new opportunity or motivation, having belief in yourself, your abilities and the future is vital to both your mental well-being and your ability to compete successfully for the opportunities that are out there.

Lessons Learned for the Next Time

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

From the personal experiences we have had during the pandemic, we need to build a shared sense of what it has meant, and how we move forward. This is particularly true as we manage the process of re-entry to a world that may look the same but now feels a little stranger and instills a little more wariness and caution.

Are You Making These 6 Virtual Working Mistakes?

by Bruce Harpham

The improvised nature of virtual work we embraced in 2020 is no longer good enough. It's time to look for ways to improve our performance, comfort and happiness. Specifically, there are individual and team virtual working mistakes to avoid.

10 Reasons Why Citizen Development Could Be Good for Your Career

by PMI

Have you been hearing interesting things about citizen development and low-code/no-code applications? Wondering whether you should invest time in learning more about this new, exciting approach? Here are 10 ways it can benefit your career.

Plan C: Unanchored Project Management During the Pandemic

by Michael Huber

Already a nomad project manager accustomed to a solitary life on his motorcycle, this unanchored PM found new challenges when the pandemic hit. Read how he adapted—and how his outlook can help you move forward during trying times.

Are We Taking Advantage of Virtual Opportunities?

by Andy Jordan

As people become more comfortable with a distributed working model, the advantages of the approach become clearer. But how many of us are actually taking advantage of those opportunities?

Be Ready for Digitization of Project Management

by Joe Wynne

Are you preparing for the digitization of the project management process? Your success in the future will depend on your ability to adapt to and utilize any digitized step, process and application upgrade. Follow these four steps to stay on top of required changes.


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