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The Mentoring Project: 6 Key Learnings from Helping Others

by Syed Moize

Mentoring programs are a complete project unto themselves, and most of our PM skills can easily be applied to make a difference in the lives of others. Here are six ways that project management and mentoring programs intersect.

The College Touch: Paving the Way for New Professionals

by Mishirika Scott

The "college touch" creates an opportunity to reach a broader audience, attract new talent, encourage PMI certification and engagement, and build a more robust global workforce. Here are seven tips for how you can reflect the values and experiences of college students, emerging professionals and incoming PMs.

You're Studying Wrong—Spaced Learning Study Skills Can Help

by Mike Griffiths

Adult education has evolved since many of us were at school. We now understand more about learning and the effectiveness of various exam preparation techniques. This article explores some modern alternatives to the old-school methods.

Continuing to Grow Professionally During a Pandemic

by Bruce Garrod

In a world where personal and professional lives have been significantly disrupted by an international pandemic, surely it makes sense for individuals and corporations to focus on the immediate challenges of day-to-day business and revisit development objectives at a future date. Or does it?

How Do I Grow My Business Skills?

by Andy Jordan

Project managers are increasingly expected to have an understanding of how their projects help and support the business. How do you develop the skills to do that?

Hard Work vs. Smart Work: 5 Ways to Work Smart

by Oghenevwogaga Johnson

When it comes to smart work versus hard work, which would you pick? Sometimes, we work so hard that we get worn out and exhausted. It doesn't have to be this way. These five tips can help.

Veterans and Project Management: A Perfect Match

by Craig Jones

For transitioning military service members, the career path of project manager is one worth purposely exploring. The work accomplished within the military is very similar to corporate America—more than many service members and civilian business folks realize.

How Will Recruiting Change Moving Forward?

by Andy Jordan

Like every other industry, the recruitment business has suffered greatly due to COVID-19—and there’s no guarantee things will go back to how they were. What changes in the recruitment industry should we expect—and what are the implications for project managers?

Reaching Our PM Potential in Uncertainty

by George Freeman, PMP

Reaching our PM potential in uncertain times requires one to recognize their untapped potential, especially that which rests beyond the traditional operational perspectives of project management. So what are we waiting for?

Be an Accountable Leader

by Vince Molinaro

Accountability separates great project leaders from mediocre ones. They make difficult decisions, display clarity and, yes, express optimism. And they embrace the leadership role as a contract that comes with responsibility, high expectations and scrutiny.


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