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Calling All Managers! You Can Look, But Please Don't Write!

by Miriam Ziemelis

There are indeed several things that you should never do professionally, contrary to the age-old saying. In interviewing applicants, you should never write on a resume. Not even in pencil, folks! No, I know there is no law against it, but the law could be enforced based on what you write. There have been more times that I am willing to count that I have been in an interview review session with a client and I have seen them writing on a resume either during the interview or afterwards. ?So?? I hear the group echo. Take a minute to review this information and understand just what type of consequences can be derived from this seemingly harmless action.

Calm Before the Storm?

by Bob Weinstein

What will you do if the economy turns sour? You ought to be thinking about your next career move so you’re prepared for a sudden change.

Can Organizational Stigma Rub Off?

by Andy Jordan

Does the employer you work for say anything about you? Should it? How do you separate your job and career from the organization that employs you?

Can Project Management Save the World?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Saving the world is a heavy undertaking. That's probably why many of us leave it to the superheroes of cartoon and screen to take on. Or the men and women of the armed forces, taking on the impossible while wearing blue berets. Whatever your preferred form of superhero, real or imagined, it probably isn't you. But maybe it's time to go get a cape...

Can the Interviewer Affect Your Performance?

by Miriam Ziemelis

Are bad impressions of the hiring representatives ruining the impression that you're making on them? The mirror has two faces when it comes to interviewing.

Career Camping

by Mike Donoghue

When traveling long distances to a job site either as a mobile employee or contractor, the trips can get more than a little trying. To help lessen the burden upon these corporate nomads, it's important to make things easier at the job site. Here's how you can help.

Career Changing Versus Industry Changing: Do You Know the Difference?

by Bob Weinstein

When there are few job prospects, a new career looks enticing. It's also a compelling alternative if you're burned out. But did you know that there is another alternative to career changing where the odds of succeeding are excellent? This article looks at the advantages of industry changing and points to a couple of red flags about career changing.

Career Development in Overdrive

by Mike Griffiths

We often think of career development in terms of how we develop as project managers. But it's just as important to focus on how we can help the people on the projects we manage.

Career Fear

by Bob Weinstein

What would you do if you were suddenly handed a pink slip? It's time to start thinking like a crisis manager.


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