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Finding Agile Testers: Dos and Don’ts

by Paul Carvalho

One common failure pattern in creating agile development teams is taking a regular software tester, assigning them to the new team and expecting them to perform in new ways that elevate the team to high performance. What does a good agile tester look like? What should we expect of them? And how do we find them?

Finding Your Project's Pulse

by Michael Aucoin

Imagine for a moment that interest in your project catches on like crazy. Hundreds of people pitch in to help you meet an impossible deadline. Complete fantasy, right? It can happen, and it did. And the takeaways for your agile project are real--and powerful.

First Sprint, Lasting Lessons

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Agile processes can offer rewarding advantages to traditional software development, but they take time to adopt properly. New teams will likely encounter conflicts and confusion during their first sprint retrospective. Here are five lessons learned that can help your next sprint avoid some common pitfalls.

Five Agile Pitfalls

by Mike Griffiths

Agile methods are powerful approaches that bring many benefits to how we undertake project work. However, they are not immune to misuse or failure. The following list of five common pitfalls is often seen in organizations switching to agile.

Five Project Management Trends for 2016

by David Robins

The discipline of project management tends to be relatively stable as processes and methodologies are well established. However, just as technology and business models change, project management adapts over time. Here are some trends within our industry that are likely to gain momentum over the coming year.

Fixing a Dysfunctional Project Team

by Ken Whitaker

Sink or swim! Taking over a dysfunctional project team can be a very frustrating yet exhilarating experience. This article summarizes some “rules of the road” that should help you navigate through shark-infested waters--with the result being a highly motivated department or team delivering quality projects on time.

Flavors of Hybrid Agile

by Mike Griffiths

Like baking, how we combine elements results in very different outcomes, each suited to different occasions (or just a useless mess). This article explores the reasons and results of a couple of popular hybrid project approaches.

Focus On Impediments

by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde

The adoption of lean thinking or agile principles should not be approached as a project with an end, but rather as a journey of continuous improvement based on experimentation and developing problem-solving skills. And the concept of “impediments service” is a key component.

Four Elephants in the Agile Testing Room

by Paul Carvalho

Some topics in agile testing may point to dysfunctional organizational practices that are often taboo, off limits or avoided in regular conversations. In this article, we identify four such topics that need to be discussed and addressed for agile success.

Four Techniques for Delighting Your Customers

by Ryan Shriver

While attending a recent course, this writer learned some simple techniques for better defining the customer and their desires. This article introduces some of the techniques that will help ensure teams know who their customers and users are, who they are not and how to create winning solutions for delivering value.


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