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Games We Play

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

How two interactivive games help Agile coach Portia Tung explain theory, principles and common pitfalls, from defining project goals to removing constraints.

Get It Right the Last Time: Developing an Agile Attitude

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

The first thing agile project managers should do is work on their attitude about what it takes to succeed. This article shares examples of five agile attitudes.

Getting a Grip on Chaos, Part 1: It Takes a Quantum Mindset to Lead an Extreme Project

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

In today’s increasingly complex project world, more and more project managers are finding themselves riding an extreme project. Yet few possess the leadership skills, mindset and temperament to succeed. In this two-part series, we’ll outline what it takes to be a successful eXtreme project leader. In Part 1, we’ll cover the quantum mindset and contrast it with the opposite (Newtonian) mindset.

Getting a Grip on Chaos, Part 2: 9 Core Practices for Leading an Extreme Project

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

In today’s increasingly dynamic project world, more and more project managers are finding themselves riding an extreme project--a venture characterized by high speed, high change, high complexity and high stress. What does it take to succeed? Let's look at nine vital leadership practices.

Getting Agile Training: When Are You Ready?

by Don Kim

The decision to get agile training is a question that’s part of a bigger one: Whether one is ready to adopt agile practices and principles wholeheartedly. When are you ready? There are four fundamental questions you have to ask yourself before embarking on an agile training program.

Getting Down and Scrummy

by Michael Wood

How can you adapt Scrum-like tools and techniques within a Waterfall project management environment? What can you do to reduce resistance and reap the benefits Scrum has to offer? In short, how can you get down and Scrummy within a Waterfall world? Here are some ideas you might find useful.

Getting Engaged

by Mike Griffiths

Agile methods make the most of closer ties to the business and customer to get rapid feedback on functionality. This works great when customer engagement is high--but runs into problems when engagement is lacking. Learn about some warning signs and engagement models that can help.

Getting Inventive with Agile

by Ankit Kothari

Agile principles have expanded much further beyond their software development roots. Here, we look at how agile principles were used in each step of the process to make a multimedia invention emerge from inception to reality.

Getting People to Do the Right Thing

by Gil Broza

Every aspect of product development can be done better or worse. That includes being a team player, writing code, communicating requirements, testing name it. But how do you ensure that people do the best thing? And, can you even do that? That is, can you somehow force good practice? And what can you expect to happen by doing so?

Getting Started with Agile Delivery

by Sanjiv Augustine

As new organizations commit to agile methods, many managers are faced with the question, "How do I begin implementing agile methods?" This article covers some essential steps to help you get started with agile delivery and understand some core principles.


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