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Effective End-user Engagement in New System Roll-outs: A Project Manager’s Guide

by Amrita Khadilkar

The effective engagement of end-users is critical to the success of a new system implementation but can be the most challenging part of the project. The author recommends three inter-related sets of strategies (collaboration, coaching, and communication) along with suggestions for how and when they can best be implemented.

Effective Marketing for Your High-Profile Project

by Brad Egeland

What do you do when you’re unnoticed but your important project has needs? It’s all on you at this point, so you look for ways to promote your project to senior management so you can get the things you need. Here are three things to try.

Effective Problem Solving for Project Managers

by Stephanie Jaeger

Problem solving is an essential skill to handle the issues project managers encounter on a daily basis. Effective problem solving circles around the people element—how you relate and interact with people has a major impact on how effectively and how quickly you can solve problems.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement: A Tool for Project Success

by Manavasi Ramesh

In complex infrastructure projects, external stakeholders may have the greatest impact due to land acquisition problems, right of way issues, environmental issues, and government regulations. Using case studies, this article presents the challenges of stakeholder management and supplies tools to help find solutions and ensure positive outcomes.

Effective Stakeholder Management Using Core Teams

by Nate Solberg

Stakeholder management is critical to the success or failure of a project. The core team process is an important tool for ensuring buy-in and fostering collaboration throughout the business. It is also a means for collecting ongoing input for the team, which will reduce your level of project risk. Most importantly, it will allow you to manage your stakeholders effectively by actively including them in the project life cycle.

Effective Steering Committee Meetings

by Michel Wagner, PMP

To achieve the best results, a project manager needs a steering committee functioning in a supportive and effective manner. You are the captain of the ship but some of the steering committee members may enjoy watching you “walk on the plank,” as if they want to throw you out to the sharks. Sound familiar? Here are some tips and techniques that may help the next time you encounter this situation.

End Sight

by Drew Davison

What conditions need to be satisfied for your project to be complete, and who will have to agree? The last thing you want is a debate on these questions as your project winds down. Here are some suggestions, including a stakeholder questionnaire, for preventing this end-game dilemma, so you can focus on the post-project celebration.

Engaging and Maintaining Stakeholder Interest

by Andy Jordan

When managing a program, how do you ensure that your stakeholders are able and willing to provide what you need, when you need it? While there is no requirement for all stakeholders to be equally engaged at all times, there does need to be a minimum level of involvement with the program that needs to be maintained.

Establish Project Worth

by Drew Davison

Do you know what the project you’re working on is really worth to the organization? If you don’t, you’re operating without one of the key sets of information needed to ensure project success. In the first of a new series on managing change initiatives, here is some guidance on how establishing worth — or affordability — can help you and your stakeholders improve project performance.


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