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The Power Trap

by Dennis Smith

Project teams that have a hand in estimating work scope and end dates are going to be more committed (and likely to succeed) than teams that have it all handed down to them. The answer is a networked organizational model that breaks down the power games and silos, allowing the truth about projects to be openly spoken and encouraging people to work together.

The Death of Charts

by Dennis Smith

Successful project teams are built on communication. Unfortunately, many companies value the org chart over real-time access to information and resources. But if there is a better way--a networked model--to accomplish the mission, who cares where the leader sits?

Bygone Heroes

by Dennis Smith

'Heroic' leaders thrive on power and hierarchy. Their need to control can throttle communication and innovation on projects, frustrating teams and slowing progress. What drives heroic leaders, and what can be done about them?

Organize Thyself

by Dennis Smith

If satisfying work, not money, is the reason more people change jobs, it should be no surprise that individuals who choose their project are more productive. So-called self-organizing teams are not uncommon, but can the benefits of self-selected teams be part of a formal, broader approach to better project management?

Projects As Conversations

by Tobias Fors

[email protected] editorial board member, author and consultant David Schmaltz shares his thoughts on why it helps to inject some disappointment into a new project's brightest ideas ... why most predictions inevitably encounter paradoxes that change them ... and why plans should be expected, even encouraged, to deviate.

Team Transitions

by Dennis Smith

The evolution (and de-evolution) of project teams is an ongoing process that occurs throughout the life of a project -- and an organization. How can project leaders, with an eye toward the self-organizing team model, better drive these transitions to improve execution?

The People Premium

by Alan Koch

Every project is dependent upon people, processes and tools. They are how the work gets done. But these three essential elements are not equals. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and provides different values to our projects. In this three-part series, people come first, but they’re not enough.

The Back of the (Virtual) Napkin

by Karen Klein

New product development doesn't get done with paper and pen any longer. Nor is the back of the napkin the preferred receptacle for brainstorming. While the creative process is still fundamentally messy (and human), managing it efficiently is vital to business success. How can project portfolio management contribute?

Good Enough For Van Gogh

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Creativity and sound project management processes are not mutually exclusive. History’s most innovative artists were still guided by disciplined methods; so, too, today’s creative project managers, and most of them haven’t lost an ear in the process.


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