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Secrets to Organizational Change Management Communication Strategy

by Vyom Bhuta

A factor that is often overlooked during a system implementation is change management. It is critical to develop a change management strategy at the beginning of the project to ensure usage and adoption of the system after deployment.

Adoption Papers

by Aaron Smith

Organizations that buy a technology solution also must "buy in" to a methodology to implement it. And though the solution's features and cost receive the upfront attention in the selection process, it is the implementation that will largely impact end-user satisfaction, ROI and benefits realization.

Symptoms & Sources

by Joseph Zucchero and Sanjiv Purba

Every project experiences problems, but there are telltale symptoms that identify a project in need of the prioritization and discipline of a systemic rescue. Project managers who understand the sources of these potential problems have a much better chance to control and moderate their influences throughout the project lifecycle.

Change Management and the EVA Road Show

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Motivating an organization to incorporate earned value into their culture is an exercise in change management. Effectively managing change isn't an easy process--and rolling out EVA throughout an organization can be challenging. Applying the following change management activities to your EVA implementation can help improve its adoption.

Fine Accommodations

by Nick Jenkins

A project of any significant length will deviate from its original plan in response to new or unforeseen circumstances. This is fine as long as the changes are understood and managed. But if changes are introduced on a whim, you no longer have a project. You have anarchy.

Not According to Plan

by Susan Snedaker

In this new series on Managing Project Change, a veteran project leader discusses how to deal with change so that it doesn’t derail your project. Change can be good, bad or something in between. Here, she outlines the four primary choices for responding to it.

Changes To Your Schedule

by Susan Snedaker

In the second installment of our Managing Project Change series, the author focuses on changes to schedule, discussing the possibility that they bring new opportunities; the difference between response and reaction; and the drawbacks of ‘fast tracking’ and ‘crashing.’

Changes to Your Budget

by Susan Snedaker

Flawed estimates, accounting anomalies and permanent or minor variances can cause budget issues. Some you just have to deal with, and get the rest of the work done with less. But many can be managed. By defining acceptable variances and monitoring your reserves, you can keep most projects on course.

Changes To Your Scope

by Susan Snedaker

There are a lot of changes that can happen in a project that have a relatively low impact, but changes that impact your scope ripple through your project and become magnified. Scope screep is sneaky and it often happens when you least suspect. Here’s a primer on containing it.


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