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Want More Innovation? Manage For Change

by Johanna Rothman

Instead of change management, what if your team and your managers could manage for change? How different would your team, project and organization be if you optimized for change?

We Have Always Lived in a Project Economy

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Every once in a while, we get into an extensive debate about the role, presence, impact and future of the project economy. But to put not too fine a point on it: We have always lived in a project economy. It's just that it hasn't been very evenly distributed.

What About Sprint Creep?

by Bart Gerardi

Scope creep can plague projects where timelines are established at the start, or budgets and resources are fixed. However, it should not be a problem for projects operating with agile principles. Rather than resisting change, an agile team welcomes it, and figures out how to adapt to it. Here's how.

What is BTM-Squared?

by Gary Laverty

A methodology developed by SAP in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of NW Switzerland addresses the challenges of complex business transformations through an integration of strategy, value and risk management.

When Process Becomes A Pain

by Janis Rizzuto

Processes are great until they become roadblocks that get in the way of where you need to go. “Workarounds” can help you deal with project delays and difficulties. The author of a new book describes how to overcome barriers to productivity, and says these breakthroughs start with you; you don’t need permission.

When Protocols, Policies & Rules Become Problematic

by Michael Wood

Most of the time, there are reasonable and logical reasons for an organization's “ways of doing things.” But what are justified reasons for breaking with protocol? When does doing “the right thing” take precedent over following “the rules” when a conflict arises?

Who Are Your Stakeholders?

by Drew Davison

Your chances of success in any major change initiative are directly linked to the capabilities, commitment and experiences of the stakeholders involved. Do you have any idea who these influencers and decision-makers are — really? Here’s an assessment checklist covering a range of important attributes to help you find out.

Who Before What

by Matthew J. Ferguson

In many organizations, process comes before people, and function over feasibility. No wonder people resist. And all the change management in the world won’t help if the stakeholder community lacks the skills to execute a new process. Here is guidance on putting people at the forefront of your process design efforts.

Who’s Managing the Changes in PM?

by Andy Jordan

Project management is changing dramatically. How is that being managed in your organization? Care needs to be taken to ensure that project managers remain motivated and engaged.

Why Good Plans Go Bad

by Nigel Hughes

Turf battles, poor oversight, misplaced objectives and vaguely defined responsibilities derail many transformation initiatives. Switching from a task management mindset to a benefit management framework can get these projects back on track.


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