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The Vision Thing

by Melanie Cullen

To lead a project team through the unknown, you must create a common vision, a "blueprint of success" that is crafted, communicated and updated to reflect current reality.

Crisis Control

by Tim Kress

When a crisis suddenly threatens a project, the team will take its cues from the project manager. Strong leadership coupled with clear, calm communication can make the difference between a descent into panic and the road to recovery.

The Power Trap

by Dennis Smith

Project teams that have a hand in estimating work scope and end dates are going to be more committed (and likely to succeed) than teams that have it all handed down to them. The answer is a networked organizational model that breaks down the power games and silos, allowing the truth about projects to be openly spoken and encouraging people to work together.

'Just Do It' Just Won't Do

by Francie Dalton

If team performance could be better on your project, chances are at least one of the causal factors is the way you delegate. There are at least 12 classic or discrete delegation errors. And here are an equal number of easy-to-implement tips for how to avoid or correct them.

Lessons In Leverage

by David Schmaltz

Many project managers, well trained as problem solvers, engage like hammers looking for nails. But there are options, starting with a realization that so-called inherent project management problems -- responsibility without authority, indifferent sponsors -- need not be nails in your project's coffin. In fact, they can be leveraged. Here's an alternative perspective on some traditional complaints.

Project Rescue

by Joseph Zucchero and Sanjiv Purba

As projects unfold, teams and stakeholders go through distinct emotional states regarding what can be achieved, spanning 'everything is possible' to 'it can't possibly get done.' The reality is somewhere in between. As part of an overall approach to rescuing troubled projects, there are ways to mitigate the dangers and leverage the power of these emotions.

Organize Thyself

by Dennis Smith

If satisfying work, not money, is the reason more people change jobs, it should be no surprise that individuals who choose their project are more productive. So-called self-organizing teams are not uncommon, but can the benefits of self-selected teams be part of a formal, broader approach to better project management?

To Build Or To Buy

by Terri Barczak

In pursuing a technology solution, many organizations confront a choice between outsourcing and doing it internally. Given the emotional nature of the decision, executives tend to focus on so-called objective factors such as resource availability or staff experience. But one subjective factor should not be overlooked: development motivation.

ROI, Meet Reality

by Ian Hayes

ROI analysis can be an enormously valuable tool for directing project investments, but it requires an open mind, reasonable assumptions and accurate numbers. Even then, the numbers that tell the whole story usually don’t appear on silver platters and rarely lend themselves to cookie-cutter templates. Here are five pragmatic rules for constructing useful, believable ROI analyses.

Ready, Aim, Hire

by Pierre Monacelli

The success or failure of tomorrow's projects will depend greatly on finding the right people today to manage them. When interviewing candidates, look closely at these 10 areas of qualification. While time consuming, hiring "tough" is an essential upfront process that pays off, again and again.


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